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The 9th Annual Cloth Baby (and Animal) Doll Challenge!

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Cloth Baby Dolls - Challenge 2017

Dolls From The 2016 Challenge

Cloth Baby Dolls, Doll Babies, Soft Dolls, Patterns, Free Projects, Patterns and Supplies All To Celebrate the World of Cloth Doll Babies.

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Cloth Baby Doll Challenge

Child Doll Challenge!

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Cloth Baby Doll Challenge

Baby Animal Challenge!

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Cloth Baby Doll Challenge

Child Doll Challenge!

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Cloth Baby Doll Challenge!

5th Anniversary Challenge!

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Baby Doll Challenge!

Look at ALL The Baby Dolls!

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Cloth Baby Doll Challenge!

Theme: Holiday Babies!

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Cloth Baby Doll Challenge!

Theme: Spring Babies!

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Cloth Baby Doll Challenge!

Our 1st Year!

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2014 Cloth Baby & Child Doll Challenges!

2013 Baby Doll Challenge!

2013 Baby Doll Challenge!

2012 Baby Dolls!

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All 5 Oregon RagBabies Patterns!
The Oregon RagBabies
The Oregon RagBabies(TM)
by Kezi Matthews

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Josette Cloth Doll Pattern by Kezi

Quilt Pattern!

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