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 Cloth Baby Doll Challenge!
A celebration of
"2009 World BABY DOLL Month"

The challenge is truly a celebration of "World Baby Doll Month". We have entries from USA, Italy, Netherlands, Canada, Spain, United Kingdom, Netherlands Antilles, Costa Rica, New Zealand and Turkmenistan!

The Votes Have Been Counted!

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Baby Anne  - Kezi Matthews Original Cloth Doll Pattern
*Baby Anne*
by Kezi Matthews

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Special Awards

Grand Prize
Winner is...

Based on Random Drawing

Kim Tufts
New Hampshire, USA

Dollightful African
American Baby Doll Award

Selected by Sponsor Sandra Blake of S.O. Dollightful Dolls!

Doll by Kim Tufts
from... Goffstown, NH

Voters' Comments to Dollmakers...

Every doll is special and I have never seen such overall quality from a challenge!

Thanks for having this contest, and look forward to more. Helps us develop our skills, and see the beautiful workmanship of others!

Wow! all the dolls are awesome!! all the doll makers are so talented!!

Very nice!

Happy challenge is truly a celebration of "WOLRD Baby Doll Month”. It is really celebration.
I love these contests. I love that you did a baby doll contest. I feel like the baby doll is getting extinct! It seems like everything is earthy dolls and fairies and trolls and stuff that is way out there. I love the old fashioned baby dolls. I hope you do this again next year and just have an annual baby doll contest! Maybe I will get out my rusty doll making skills and make one the next time if you do. :)

Everyone did such a good job and a challenge is such fun. It brings us all together as friends.
So much talent! Intermediate Human Baby Dolls has so many wonderful dolls that it was particularly difficult to make a decision in that category.

Great selection - everybody did an outstanding job.

All entries were wonderful! All deserve a special mentioning.

I was delighted to see so many different countries entering. As a participating artist, I felt that there was plenty of time given to completing my entries - for that, I thank you. I also felt that Paul was wonderful in every respect - Thank You, Paul! I am presently unemployed after being laid off in December. 2007 and 2008 were rough for me - root canal, followed by breast cancer, followed by an aortic aneurysm, followed by the lay-off. I've been kind of a mess emotionally and this challenge really saved my sanity. I cannot express my gratitude enough for the opportunity to participate and become a part of such a wonderful organization. Thank you all!

There were some very good ones, I had trouble making a decision!

I was so impressed with the quality of the entries. It was wonderful to see how the skills in cloth dollmaking have grown over the years. And it was especially heartening that this became an international challenge.

This was a great idea, I hope you do it again.

FANTASTIC challenge; enjoyed immensely!

Thank you so much for putting this challenge on. It got me through a really tough time while trying to take care of my Grandmother with Alzheimer's Disease.

Wow! So many beautiful dolls and so difficult to choose! They all deserve to be winners!

Even though I was unable to join in on the fun I really enjoyed voting for the people who did participate. I've loved FOCD from the beginning.

It was fun to see all the wonderful entries.

All the dolls were fantastic and it was hard to choose. I commend all on their wonderful dolls

All of the dolls were wonderful. The Advanced category in both human and non-human were full of outstanding dolls. The ones with painted faces really cause me to want to learn....learn.....learn.

Thank you for the opportunity to vote on this challenge. Every doll made is really a winner.

Congratulations. This is the standard I aspire to. Thank you for entering so that we can all see your wonderful dolls.

Loved looking at all the different dolls. Made me wish even more that I had been able to enter one. Oh well, maybe next time.

Great Work Everyone!

Many wonderful choices, difficult to choose ONE from so many!

Only to say that this was one tough contest to vote on!! The work, even from the beginners, was top notch! You could tell this was a challenge that everyone put their all in. An excellent body of work by everyone!

All the dolls were stunning. Well done to everyone.

These dolls are all so wonderful that it took me a very long time to decide my votes. What a great contest it is!! Let the best doll win. My congratulations ahead of time for the winners. Well done!!!!!!!!!!!

.What wonderful dolls, in all categories. I do wish that I could have had the time to try making one myself. Very hard to make a decision.
Each and every one of the entries were fabulous!!

..I really like the referencing of historically older dolls, ie, the Raggedy Annes. What an
inspiration all of the dolls are!

Thank you all!

Well done to all the ladies

Beautiful babies, it was fun to see every one!

I really do not know how you are going to judge these dolls, the standard is exceptionally high and each and every doll has a certain quality about them which makes them quite unique. I have been very inspired by most of them and found it extremely hard to make my final decisions. I think that the face painting is superb and especially the eyes on many dolls are wonderful. Many of the dolls just seemed to "speak" to me and all dollmakers should be very proud of their work. I have so enjoyed seeing other peoples work and the fact that all dolls will be seen all around the world is just great. I wish I could have voted for more dolls as many of the dolls were tying for my vote so it came down to a toss of the coin for the advanced human baby section. Well done Dollmakers of the world.

All the dolls were great! Keep up the good work.

Everyone of you deserve kudos for the hard work you have put into this challenge. Each and every one of the dolls have so much character!
I love this challenge and I believe that you have to repeat it before Christmas time.

I found it very hard to vote for my favorites in this challenge, because there were several dolls that really stood out, and I just couldn't decide, so I spent hours looking at the photos over & over. I've never made a baby doll, and am not that fond of baby dolls, but I think this challenge has made me change my mind. They can be very sweet, unique, amazingly artistic expressions of our considerable doll making talent. This challenge really opened my eyes to possibilities!
I think that all the dolls submitted were exceptional. I had a difficult time making my choice. Good luck to all. They deserve it.

I think the challenge was a lot of fun and to me everyone of the dolls both human and the animals was a lot of fun to do and to me everyone who did the dolls and entered is a winner. I think there should be more challenges.

They were diverse as the world and it was a pleasure to admire them thoroughly this day. Each creation appeared to be a labor of love -- and you can't go wrong with that. Congrats to all!

This was a hard one to decide as every one did such an excellent job and such a wonderful turnout of participants.
I thought it was more difficult choosing the nonhuman babies than the human babies. I hope all those original pattern designers feel confident to publish their patterns. Great job.

I am blown away with the standard of the dolls. It was very exciting for me as it is the first time I have been brave enough to enter any dollmaking competition. Living in the country can be a bit isolating so its great that these competitions are available to all. Congratulations to all dollmakers, you should all be very proud. Also a huge thanks to the organisers and sponsors for your time, generosity and encouragement to arrange this competition for everyone!

I love them all for so many different reasons, the cuddly babies, vintage styles, gorgeous clothes. Very hard choices

I just have to say I AM amazed at the talent I see! Makes one inspire to learn and create more!

Loved your website Thanks.

All the doll's are wonderful and these lady's did a great job.

What a showcase of talent and the baby dolls that make you want to cuddle and kiss those precious little faces. I so enjoyed viewing all the entries, it was hard to make a choice but I went by the flutter in the heart that made me want to take that baby home. When is the next challenge?

Congrats to all the dollmakers, you all are very talented and deserve the best.

Everyone was a winner that entered! Loved seeing all the different techniques used in various patterns. BRAVO!!!!

I loved viewing all of the dolls. It is unbelievable the amount of talent people have.
Was difficult making decisions for this. It is better to see several views of the dolls - close up of the face and details of construction such as hands, feet and joints. When a doll is shown fully dressed and covered it is not possible to judge these elements. It is also helpful to have complete description of how the doll was made, with an explanation of any alterations made to the original pattern. I think more photos should be required for submission so that we can have more complete knowledge of the dolls we are judging.

There were so many wonderful entries it was difficult to choose just one, so I gave extra credit to anyone who made their doll's outfit.

I think a special category should be created for Original designs (not from a pattern), which should also be Beginner, Intermediate & Advance but maybe not separate the divisions into Human & Non-human for this category, just so there are not too many overall categories. Also, I would like to see a requirement to show at least one picture of the face at a ¾ front facing angle (in addition to full front face) to illustrate the 3-dimentional quality or lack thereof. It is too easy to put a 1-dimentional picture on a face with no additional tweaking or sculpting. Maybe require 3 pictures, 2 of which taken at different angles. I did enjoy looking at all the entries and applaud the efforts of all of the contestants. Well done!

Thank YOU!

So clever and so much talent!

Had the best time looking at all these Special Treasures, it was difficult to choose. Makes me want to make my babies again.

Everyone did a wonderful job. Excellent effort by the beginners and good job to all those who are advanced and took the plunge to design something for this... Well done everyone.
I loved the diversity of ethnic origins expressed in so many of the dolls!
So much talent! I must make another doll right now!!!

All are exceptionally well made.

Of course I loved them all...each and every one. A lot of talent!

had to come back many times to make the final selections in each of the Categories,it wasn't easy to pick just ONE.. they were all winners!!

It's been a lot of fun, thanks for the challenge!

Very hard to choose!

All entries excellent-hard to choose a favorite especially in the advanced sections.

Wonderful dolls.

.It was so hard to choose. They were all so good. That's why it took me so long to vote.

I loved looking at all of the wonderful dolls that these dollmakers have made. Makes
me want to sew a doll now. What an inspiring contest.

All the entries were very good and trying to pick just one from each category was very hard, good luck to them all.
They are all wonderful - some fantastic which made it hard to choose.

Excellent collection of cloth dolls with free creativity and expressions of talent and culture

What a wonderful collection of Baby dolls! you have all inspired me to pull out some fabric and my sewing machine and get busy!
The quality of work that has been entered into this challenge is remarkable, even the beginners have shown a creativity that been recaptured from their child within.
They are all fantastic!!!

Very beautiful!

I think everyone did exemplary work. There are several in the beginner category that far exceed what I would have figured for a beginner. There are very talented dollmakers out there. I think everyone deserves a very big congratulation for a job well done.



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