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2013 Cloth Baby Doll Challenge!

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Congratulations to Everyone!

All Beautiful Doll Babies!

Results below...

~OO~ ~OO~ Intermediate Category ~OO~ ~OO~

The Winners Are...

1st Place

Entry #I-18

Doll by Sointu Öhman
from... FINLAND

2nd Place

Entry #I-17

Doll by Sointu Öhman
from... FINLAND

3rd Place

Entry #I-5

 Bo's Toes
Doll by Diane Mansil
from... Plattsburg, MO

"Special Encouragement Award"

Entry #I-21


Entry #I-1

Gigi's Doll
Doll by Beth Stephens
from... Indianapolis, IN

11 inch Waldorf style baby doll. All natural materials. Soft cotton interlock body, pure eco wool stuffing, Mohair hair. Cotton embroidered face. Cotton clothing. Theme is Pink and Lace and Bows. These are my own patterns for both baby doll and clothing.

I learned to sew on a treadle sewing machine at 8 years of age making doll clothes. All my life I have been in love with dolls. I have made dolls off and on for many years for my children and sold a few Cabbage Patch style dolls in the 80's. I recently decided to make dolls for my grandchildren and great grandchildren and have become addicted. I am learning the rolled head technique and love the way the dolls sweet personalities develop using this technique.


Entry #I-2

Mae - Baby Doll in Heirloom Clothes
Doll by Leota Webb
from... Fort Collins, CO

I made this doll because I wanted her to display the heirloom clothes which I had worn as an infant. I used Judi Ward's pattern, "All Are Precious In His Sight."

Below shows her with her clothes. The sacque and cap were made by my mother before I was born in 1932. They are made out of fine wool. My mother embroidered the bouillon roses and leaves and crocheted all around the little jacket. After all these years, they are still in perfect condition except for the ribbons. I did not want to change them. The little dress is actually a slip, and it too has embroidered roses and tucks and lace. The socks were worn by my youngest sister who was born in 1943. The shoes belonged to my son who is now 52. The quilt behind Mae was also made by my mother before she was married in 1930. It was hand-quilted by her.

Below is also a closer view of the doll. It is easier to see the fine work my mother did all those years ago. I am now 81, and I cherish these clothes so much. I named this doll Mae because that is my middle name.

Entry #I-3

Baby Lulu
Doll by Cindy Alldredge
from... Snohomish, WA

Baby Lulu is a sweet baby but already a bit mischievous. Her hair is totally out of control but she has sweet dimples. She loves her new blue gingham dress that matches her eyes.

Lulu is soft sculpted of craft velour with tibetan lamb's wool hair. I made her dress, hair bow and diaper but bought her white tights.
She is adapted from Judi Ward's "Dionne" doll pattern.

Entry #I-4

Zola -Means peaceful
Doll by Crystal Garvey
from... Port Angeles, WA

This little baby is made with knit fabric, and acrylic paints. She has joints in her arms and legs. I used Darlene Rausch's Bonnie pattern.

Zola is a little African baby, she is 18" tall. She is wearing a baby dress that was customized to fit her since she is small for her age. Her hair bow was made from the extra fabric taken off her dress. Zola is a very adventurous baby enjoying the sun and ready to explore and meet new friends.

3rd Place

Entry #I-5

 Bo's Toes
Doll by Diane Mansil
from... Plattsburg, MO

This is Bo. He has a love of cars and weirdly colored items but his favorite thing is his newest toy...his toes!

Bo is made from recycled velour (an American Indian costume), with Homespun yarn torn apart for hair and eyes painted using craft paints. He was originally meant to be a reproduction of a terra cotta sculpture that I saw back in the 1970s but morphed into an actual "child". Pattern used was Darlene Rausch's Bonnie pattern.


Entry #I-6

Blue Boy
Doll by Diane Paige
from... Chicago, IL

He is 19" tall, made of anti-peel fleece, with polyester stuffing for a soft cuddly body, very huggable.

The pattern is the modified Kenzie doll, with movable arms. The cloths are purchased newborn size, shoes are size 3. The hair is a purchased hair piece. The features are embroidered. The hands have shaped fingers.

Entry #I-7

The Turnip Tot Twins: "Susie and Scottie"
Doll by Dottie Cliche
from... North Haverhill, NH

Susie and Scottie are ready to go outside and play in the sunshine.  Susie loves to jump rope and Scottie loves to play with balls and marbles.  Whatever they decide to do they always have fun together.

Pattern by Judi Ward.

Entry #I-8

The Pity Pot Sextuplets
Doll by Dottie Cliche
from... North Haverhill, NH

Hannah, Angela, Joline, Amy, Irene, Susan

Hannah, Joline, and Susan are very sad today.  It is shopping day with Mom, but Mom can only take three little Pitty Pots at a time.  So they have to stay home with Daddy this time.  Next time they can be the Happy Little Pitty Pots and Angela, Amy and Irene will be the sad little Pity Pots.  After all six little Pity Pots are to much for Mom to handle at one time, but she always has plenty of love to go around for them all.

Pattern by Joan Jansen. Dolls are 4 1/2" Sitting.

Entry #I-9

Super Fuzzy Fleece Baby Doll
Doll by Elizabeth Thomas
from... New Jersey

Super Fuzzy Fleece Baby Doll, a sleepy baby made of pink fleece with bamboo stuffing, wearing a vintage baby nightgown, just right for night time cuddling

Adapted body pattern from Making Memories "The Material Baby" and adapted head pattern from Darlene Rausch pattern "Sue & Bill" Soft Dolls And Animals Magazine issue July 2012.

Entry #I-10

Baby Thomas
Doll by Zingariello Francesca
from... Genoa, Italy

Hello I'm Thomas, I'm a soft sculptued baby from a pattern designed by Judith Ward.  I was created with a pink pile and a jersey stretch, my face is hand painted using acrylic paint.

Entry #I-11

Doll by Irina Kiseleva
from... Moscow region, Russian Federation

Moonkighted meadows...
Night as light as day..
Sleep, my dear Svetlana,
Sleep as I used to sleep...
Hide your nose in the corner of the pillow
Stars are like your freckles
Shining peacefully...

(Russian lullaby)

In this lullaby a young girl from the nobility is leaving home because of the war and is singing to her favorite doll which stays. I named my doll Svetlana after this doll. She is based on the pattern Baby Anne by Kezi Matthews. I changed it a little to make the doll a vintage look. I sewed the clothes from the embroidered fabric, her hair is from felting wool. I hope you'll love the doll as much as I loved making it.

Entry #I-12

Doll by Irina Kiseleva
from... Moscow region, Russian Federation

My girl's name is Polinushka. This little sweetie is based on Kezi's Bly (from Bly and Colton). I've changed her hair to give her a playful look. She likes pretty clothes and spending time in the country. As any little lady she's got a changeable mood depending if she's waering a hat or not.

Entry #I-13

Doll by Veronica Stackhouse
from... Baltimore Maryland

Doll Madison, 24in cloth doll with paper mache and paper clay face. She is an original pattern made by me. Simple recipe made in my kitchen. Instead of news paper strips I use cheese cloth it makes a smoother surface. The base of her face is airbrush and detail with acrylic paint and brush over gloss, Synthetic hair and laches. Her body is cloth which is also lightly airbrush and fully detailed. She is wearing a store bought onesies and socks diaper as well...her outfit is made by mud pie. This is picture day for little Maddy. She is all excited about her new outfit , and she brought her best friend Jack the bear along. And after pictures they are going for ice cream and then to the park for a afternoon of fun.

Entry #I-14

Doll by Teresa Petrino
from... Greenwich, Ct.

Merri is a joyful little baby, made to spread love and happiness.

Merri is a tribute to Rose O'Neill, who was a skillful artist and created this as her version of a baby- the "Kewpie". It was rumored that she had visions of these dancing babies with elfish grins, in her dreams, and then her sketches of them flowed, bringing them to life. Ladie's Home Journal, in 1909, printed her first illustrations of them, and the drawings were a huge hit. Paper dolls of Kewpies were developed for children, and then the dolls weren't far behind.

I made Merri and her ensemble, including the shoes- from McCall's pattern #2995(licensed from Jesco). She measures 15", standing and is 4-way jointed. I have given her the impish grin, the side-glance eyes, and the tufts of hair that are her known trademark. Merri is holding a crocheted bunny, that is my own creation, and the basket of flowers, I have purchased.

Entry #I-15

Baby Jack
Doll by Shawnika Hickey
from... Jacksonville N.C.

Meet Baby Jack,he is made from Vicki Rileys, Angie baby pattern. He has brown faux fur hair.and soft brown eye lashes. He has Jointed arms, ten little finger and ten little toes.

He wears newborn diapers.and has a magnet paci he loves. He is about 19 inches long and weighted a bit for that real baby feel. He has jointed arms,and soft sculpterd face and body.

Here he shown in his store bought newborn size clothes and oh how he loves napping snuggled in his blankie.

Entry #I-16

First baby of autumn.

Doll by Sonja Greenwood
from... Australia

Leif is made from an altered Judi's Dolls 'All are precious' pattern. His Facial features have been needle sculpted, and his eyes are embroidered. Leif is Anatomically correct he also features a sculpted Belly button, nipples, and a sculpted tooshie. He also has sculpted hands and feet, with Blushing added to parts of his body for a more realistic look. He is wearing a singlet and a cloth nappy and he has a Beanie, scarf and mittens to keep him warm.

He has been made from Craft Velour and stuffed with hobbyfill. He has safety joints used in his arms and legs, and he is poseable. He measures 40cms long (15.5 inches)

I have 3 beautiful children , and started making soft sculpture babies around 6 months ago to help curve my overwhelming need to have more children!

2nd Place

Entry #I-17

Doll by Sointu Öhman
from... FINLAND

Her name is Grace. She is made from Darlene Rausch's excellent doll pattern Elaine. The pattern has no seams on the
face. She is soft sculpture baby doll, made from polyester knit fabric. Her eyes and lips are painted with acrylic paints. Eyelashes and eyebrows are embroidered. She has purchased wig and her legs and arms are plastic jointed. She is about 22" inches tall.

Grace is 11 months old now. Soon she will be one years old. Her mother made her dress, bonnet, apron and the matching booties from the eyelet fabric for her first birthday. She can not walk yet, but she can sit very well on her small wooden stool. She loves to play with her teddy bears. One teddy bear is her favorite teddy bear, which she got from her grandfather. She does not want to go anywhere without it.
The teddy bears are store-purchased.

1st Place

Entry #I-18

Doll by Sointu Öhman
from... FINLAND

Her name is Charlotte. She is made from Darlene Rausch' s excellent doll pattern Bonnie. It was published in the Soft Dolls and Animals September 2009 magazine. The pattern has no seams on the face. She is soft sculpture baby doll and she is made from polyester knit fabric. Her eyes and lips are painted with acrylic paints. Eyelashes and eyebrows are embroidered. Her wig is purchased an her legs and arms are plastic jointed.

Charlotte is about 19 inches tall. She has just learned to sit. She loves puppies. The name of her favorite puppy is Bella and she often plays with it, but she also likes to play with her other toys. Sometimes she just wants to sleep or kick in her dolls pram. Her mother has sewn her the dress, bonnet and the matching booties. They are made of the polyester-cotton fabric and decorated with the lace trim.
The toys are store- purchased.

Entry #I-19

17" Tall
Doll by Mode Gimeno
from... Valencia, Spain

Aly is very nice and always cheerful. She is my own design taking from reference cloth doll photos and other patterns from several artists (I disjointed four or five dolls). I've been making dolls since early 2005, I was a reborn artist at first, and now I am making Art Dolls my own's patterns. Aly is an ooak cloth doll made from felted wool. The idea to make her, was the order from a good friend that wanted a cloth doll baby girl. Now, Aly lives with her new mummy in Czec Republic. Her eyes and mouth are transferred with iron from designs in special transfer paper for inkjet printer. Her arms, hands, legs and feet are needle sculpted. And her arms, legs and head are jointed with plastic joints.

The dress is bought in a doll's store, the diaper is from a preemie real baby, and the jumper is from another doll I had. And the shoes and the pants are made by my own. The little shoes are made by felt and the sole is foamy. The pants are made from cotton fabric and frillies. Her hair is a mohair wig, glued with fabric glue. She is a very cute baby, isn't she?

Entry #I-20

''Birthday Girl''
and her special Mini baby

Doll by Melody Korlinchak
from... New Holland, PA

After searching the internet for doll patterns, I came across a pattern from Sweet Meadow Farms called, "The Birthday Girl". I made some alterations to the pattern and opted to paint her entire body, including her face. I then tea-stained her to complete the look. I also made the clothing that she is wearing, using the same tea-staining technique on the clothing as well. The pattern had a party hat and cake for the doll but instead of making the hat and cake, I designed and made a clothespin doll matching her which I painted and tea-stained the same as my doll. I love finding new things to challenge myself and I had a fun time making the birthday girl and her special birthday gift that matched her.

"Special Encouragement Award"

Entry #I-21


My name is Sammy and I am a real Kiwi kid. My mummy made my sweater and pants. My hair looks a bit scruffy but so would yours if it were made of fake fur. I'm made from Kezi's Alsea pattern. I am made of a very tightly-woven cotton.

I hope you like me.

Entry #I-22


My name is Belinda. My mummy made me because she loved the pattern designed by Mary Jo Carpenter. I like my velvet tights and silk dress and hat. I am made of cotton and have a mohair wig.

Entry #I-23

Baby Jane
Doll by Mary Carver
from... Howland, Maine

This is Baby Jane she had to go to the doctor today to have her first baby shots. They hurt so bad she cried herself to sleep. There are 2 tears on her face one below each eye. There's a band aid on her right leg and a band aid on her left arm where her shots were.

My dolls name is Baby Jane. I drew the patern on old used printer paper back side. I used my printed hand for the hands, taped it to the wrist and had an arm. Her body is 8'' long her arms is about 13" her legs are about 15" Her head and neck is about 6 1/2" tall.

I designed the doll myself and her clothes. I did buy the 5 pink felt flowers from the dollar store and I bought the band aids of course. I hand tied the hair and sculpted the face. I do hope you like her. Baby Jane is in yellow eyelet with red hair.

Entry #I-24

Fashionable Little Lilly
Doll by Marisol Negron
from... Boston, MA

Lilly is a sweet baby girl who is very fashionable for her age. She loves for her mom to dress her up in trendy clothes and especially loves shoes. Check out her furry boots! Lilly was made using a Marilyn Jensen pattern called "Dawn". She was made using windsor ponte fabric. Her hair is a soft craft fur. She is fully jointed so that she can pose for the camera. Her body is also soft sculptured with the cutest little belly button. Her face is gently soft sculptured with a cute little nose that is sewn on. Her eyes are hand embroidered. Her outfit is store bought from the mall and so is her bear.

Entry #I-25

Sleepy Baby Ava
Doll by Marisol Negron
from... Boston, MA

Ava is a sleepy little preemie. She loves nothing more than to be snuggling up with her little pink bear while she sleeps. She also loves to be held close so that she can hear your heartbeat. Ava was made using a combination of Judy Ward baby patterns and some tweaking to the body style done by me. She is soft sculptured using a combination of Judi Ward and Kezi Matthew's "Dear Ones" techniques as well as a bit of my own technique. She was made using a firm stretch fabric. Her hair is hand embroidered to look like fine baby hair. Her eye lashes are made from organza ribbon threads. Her arms and legs are string jointed. Her outfit is store bought as well as her bear and favorite cozy blanket.

Entry #I-26

Robin the Mockingbird Baby 
Doll by Lydia Robb
from... Ohio

Robin is a 5 3/4 inch baby doll. I designed and made him myself, but did not make any paper pattern, so he is one of a kind. He has dimples at elbows and knees and little toes, and cute little ears that stick out. His hair is made of felt. He smells of cloves and cinnamon from a tiny sachet that I slipped in with his stuffing, but to make up for that feminine touch he has lots of baby dreams about puppy dog tails! A friend made my mother a beautiful knitted dishcloth, which I borrowed for Robin's blanket. I made him a christening gown (not shown) and his little three inch baby doll.

Robin was inspired by a book my Granny gave me the year before she died when I was five. It was a beautifully illustrated book version of the rhyme
Hush little baby, don't say a word,
Mamma's going to buy you a mockingbird.
And if that mocking bird won't sing,
Daddy's going to buy you a garden swing. etc.

Twelve years later, I finally have my little mockingbird baby!

Entry #I-27

Angel – a Joyful Baby
Doll by Lisa Greenshields
from... Huntington Beach, CA

We caught these pictures when Angel was playing in the garden. She thought the red flower looked like a star so she was trying to reach it! Her expression shows how grumpy she was when she couldn't quite climb that high! Good thing she didn't fall into the mud and get her pretty dress and shoes dirty!

This is Angel. She is a soft sculpture doll of my own design. Angel is made out of craft velour. Her brown hair is craft fur made into a wig and hand sewn to her head. Her green eyes are embroidered by hand. Angel is very detailed with sculptured hands and feet. She even has a little tushie and belly button.

Angel is wearing a homemade dress with matching panties. The print on the dress is the poem "Starlight, Starbright." It is trimmed with gold ruffle and gold ribbon sash. It has 3 gold star buttons adorning the front. To top off the outfit she has a gold ribbon bow on her head and white patent leather shoes.

Entry #I-28

Doll by Mariehette Ogle
from... South Africa

This is Cloe. I made her using a pattern by Thelma from tcfolks. I enlarge the pattern pieces by 140%. Painted her entire body. I then made her dress to match her bright orange hair. Her arms, legs and head can turn.

Cloe loves to dress in her best...but hates wearing shoes!

Entry #I-29

Doll by Kay Dendy
from... Gulfport, MS

Meet Lucy. She is 18" and made from craft velour with yarn for her hair. She is made from Darlene Rausch's Bonnie pattern in the Soft Dolls & Animals, Sept. 2009 issue. She has jointed arms and legs. She is wearing an altered onesie, diaper and purchased doll bunny slippers.
Her teddy bear is also purchased.

This is my first "baby doll", but her purpose is two-fold. First, for the challenge and second, that one day my new grand daughter will play with her!

Entry #I-30

A. J.
Doll by Kay Dendy
from... Gulfport, MS

Meet A.J. He is 18", made from muslin and has eyelash yarn for hair. He is made from Darlene Rausch's Bonnie pattern from the Soft Dolls & Animals Sept 2009 issue. He has jointed arms and legs. He is wearing an altered onesie, diaper and altered leggings. He is playing with his purchased doll shoes cars.

Entry #I-31

Doll by Akita Woodford
from... Downingtown, PA

She is a lovable, cuddly 18' cloth doll. Her face is hand painted and her hair is applied strand by strand. Her body and clothing are also handmade with the exception of purchased socks. A soft, sweet doll for any little one to love.


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Congratulations to Everyone!

All Beautiful Doll Babies!

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