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2010 Cloth Baby Doll Challenge!

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Congratulations to Everyone!

All Beautiful Doll Babies!

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~OO~ ~OO~ Beginner Category ~OO~ ~OO~

Pictures of all Dolls can be found below the winners list.

The Winners Are...

1st Place
Doll by Carolyn Bowyer



2nd Place - TIE

Dolls by Rossella Doveri
from... ITALY


Doll by Nancy K. Domaz
from... Tinley Park, IL



3rd Place

Doll by Carolyn Vega
from... Bronx, NY

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Entry #B1

Doll by Ana Hernandez-Van der Veen
from... Holland


She is Joy, she is a little baby who is celebrating Spring for the first time!

She loves tulips, hortensias, all kind of beautiful flowers that that blooming now. She also enjoy to play with the butterflies at the garden! All her cloth is hand made and her little hat is embellished with petals of artificial flowers.

She was made using Baby Ann pattern of Kezi Matthews.

Entry #B2

Doll by Bernadette King
from... Linden, NJ


My doll name is Carolyn. It is made from a Kezi pattern.

Carolyn is a baby doll and is made from felt fabric. I made her about 6 months ago for my neice. Carolyn hair is made from Yarn, her dress is cotton and her socks and shoes are purchased.

I love making dolls using Judi and Kezi patterns.


Entry #B3

Doll by Bonnie Zieben
from... Houston, TX


Meet April. She "bee"gan in the Month of April, which is also the month I was born, and April is a spring month. I call this "Bee"ginnings because she is the first doll I have ever made. I have been wanting to "bee"gin making dolls but fear prevented me from taking the first steps and actually "bee"ginning on my doll making venture. I entered this challenge more as an incentive for myself to finish a project.

I used Judi Ward's Bare Baby doll pattern. I bought her a pre-made bathing suit and I used yarn for her hair, ribbon for her hair ribbon, felt for her eyes and fabric pen for her mouth, eyebrows and eyelashes. I made the buttercup she is holding with wire, tissue paper, beads and 1 green pipe cleaner. April has a bee (I used a button) on her cheek. Isn't that just "bee"zaar?

Entry #B4

Doll by Carolyn Bowyer

People's Choice

1st Place - Beginner


Hello my name is Chloe, and I am an original design as is my mushroom and little friend, Hipperty.

I am 9cm (or 3.5inches) tall and have jointed arms and legs. My mushroom is 10cm tall and made from red polka dot fabric and the stalk and underside of the mushroom is made from tea stained white broadcloth. I have polyester stuffing inside me and my wig is made from Mohiar.

I am fully dressed and have a gorgeous pair of shimmering hand made wings and have a circlet of spring flowers in my hair. My clothes were especially designed for me, right down to my little shoes with their sparkly butterflies.

My little friend Hipperty, is made from Sassy's Mini Bear Fabric, which has been hand dyed. He is an original pattern as well and is fully jointed.

You can see us both here sitting enjoying the early Spring sunshine!

Entry #B5

Doll by Debbra Good
from... Rice Lake, Wisconsin

Counting Ducks...

Baby doll body is adapted from a 1986 "Bye Baby Bunting" (bunny pattern) McCall's Pattern # 2349, the pajamas are adapted from the 1990 body pattern "Huggie Bunnies" from Ozark Mountain Country Cottage Crafts. Her legs are jointed, she has soft fur hair and embroidered sleepy eyes. Her bunting is made from a preprinted fabric for making a crib bumper and crib mobile, the duck pillow, duck toy, block and fabric book are from the same material. Under her jammies she wears a white flannel diaper. She's very soft and very huggable.

Entry #B6

Doll by Hannah Chiswiti
from... Botswana


Zoe is my darling baby girl. After my second son, my husband and I
decided to adopt a baby girl. We adore her so much. I was worried she
would not take the photo shoot too well, but as long as she held onto
pinky, her little elephant, she did not fuss at all.

Zoe, her dress and toy are all made from my own patterns. She is made
from stretch fabric and her head is crowned with a sewed on synthetic
hair piece.

Entry #B7

Doll by Carolyn Vega
from... Bronx, NY

People's Choice

3rd Place - Beginner


I would like you all to meet Daniella.

The pattern is by Marilyn Jensen. She is a jointed cloth doll. I designed and made all her clothes, and her umbrella to keep her safe from the spring sun. I thought it would be fun to add some real eyelashes, make her a pair of wood bead earrings and a wood beaded bracelet. She just loves to suck on her thumb. She makes me proud to be her mother.

Entry #B8

Doll by Joan E. Daniel
from... Weatherford, Texas

Jasmine Ivy

"Jasmine Ivy" is a 21 inch, Lt. Pink flannel doll with 'Peaches n Creme' cotton yarn hair. Her 3-6month dress/romper is purchased and her doggy is a purchased 'Ty' toy. She has some soft sculpting around her nose. Her eyes are outlined in thread and filled with colored pencils. Lips are colored pencil also. Her cheeks are rose blush. The hairbow is tied ribbon, glued on. The pattern is my own design. I really enjoyed participating in this challenge. 


Entry #B9

Doll by Lillian Dragisic
from... Dixon, ILL

Prince William
and his pet Frog King frog

I'm a Breast Cancer survior of 3 yrs and the one thing I have learned is do what you want to do today not tomorrow. So here I am and My doll is Prince William and his pet Frog King frog. He is a big boy for his ageof about 8 months and about the size of my 2 boys and of course their friends. So this is where the name for him come in as the Prince and the Frog. I have made all his clothes and he is wearing a diaper under his one piece suit and hi has all the little boy parts too. I painted all of his features and sculped his fingers and toes. He's all boy. His frog friend is made from a print on fabric that I had for a long time and the frogs crown is painted with 3 colors of paint and cut to shape using tyvex and put together. They enjoy being together.
Thank you for Looking and Voting.

Entry #B10

Doll by Hannah Chiswiti
from... Botswana


Three months ago I was drawn into the world of cloth dolls when I
accidentally came across the Cloth Doll Babies website. My doll
Thato, comes from Botswana in the southern part of Africa. She is
wearing a strapless dress which I made from shweswe material,
Botswana’s national fabric. Her body, my own pattern design, is made
of fleece material and for her hair I sewed on a synthetic hair weave.
Thato is wearing earrings and a necklace which I made especially for
her. Her facial features are embroidered.

Entry #B11

Doll by Kezia Anne Radke
from... San Jose, CA


This is Marnie. She is based on the Tooth Fairy pattern from Carolee Creations. I cut her slightly larger and she is understuffed a bit for cuddling purposes. The bunting, bonnet and booties are my own design, and made from a soft flannel blend.

Marnie is the second doll I have made and was created as part of a mother/daughter/daughter get together. She is doubly precious to me because of the time we all spent with each other. I hope she gives you at least a fraction of the fun she has given me.

Entry #B12

Doll by Lynne Barton
from... Ontario, Canada


This is my Spring baby named Billy-Bob who I loosely based on a Miss Martha Originals - A Little Sonshine- Soft Sculpture Babies Booklet 1984. This is the first time in over 30 years that I have made a doll or used a sewing machine. If you have the pattern, you clearly realize that I am at Beginner level.

Billy-Bob is about 22 inches long with sculpted fingers, toes, hands, feet, nipples,bellybutton and nose. He is wearing a newborn Monique wig and his cute clothes are from Apple Valley. He is quite the character and always makes me smile.

Entry #B13

Doll by Joan Hackathorn
from... Bedford, TX

Baby Betty Boop

This is Baby Betty Boop. I bought this pattern the 60's from the Capper's Weekly Paper. There was no name for the designer, and the directions are hard to follow. Her arms and legs are joined with shank buttons and her hair is black felt.

She likes to sit on top of the TV.

Entry #B14

Doll by Nancy K. Domaz
from... Tinley Park, IL

People's Choice

2nd Place - Beginner


My entry is named Josh. I named him after a favorite nephew after I saw he looked so much like him when a baby.
The pattern is by Brenda Brightmore. From her "Cloth Dolls" book. The pattern name is "Thomas and Friends".

Both the doll and all clothing are from this pattern. He is made of doe suede and his clothing is cotton knit, fleece, felt and terrycloth.

Entry #B15 (Emely) and #B16 (Silly Girl)

Dolls by Rossella Doveri
from... ITALY

People's Choice

2nd Place - Beginner


Emely (#15) and Silly Girl (#16)

I made Emely from a Judy Ward David toddler pattern, I used craft velour. As I do on my babies I choose a vintage dress made from a cross stitch linen, and I pair of '40 shoes. Her facial features are made using watercolour pancils and acrylics. I done her a little coral bracelet.

Her baby doll is made from Silly Girl, a free pattern from Missy Ballance of Little Missy Primitives. I used vintage fabric for body and felt for the dress. She have felt stitch facial features.

Entry #B17

Doll by Tara Dobbs
from... Villa Rica, GA


This is Joy. She is having fun with her first Easter basket, and her pacifier is her best friend.

Joy is an original pattern, but her clothes are hand-crocheted from a pattern by Sandra Abbate (Tender Touch Layettes). Her Easter basket is a hand-crocheted original pattern; her pacifier and eggs are store bought. Her eyes are hand-painted acrylic, and her hair is made from Caron Simply Soft yarn. Her blanket is a quilt handmade from spring/Easter material.

Entry #B18

Doll by Joanna Crothers
from... Oakdale, California


This is Patrick. He was based on the Tooth Fairy pattern by Carolee Creations. His shirt was "borrowed" from the Curious George doll seen in one of the photo's. Patrick's pants were purchased from the Build-a-Bear Workshop store and were tailored to fit him.

When Patrick's maker was 19, she had a vivid dream that she had a red-haired, blue-eyed baby boy named Patrick.  Her mother always read her Curious George books so she is a huge fan. Patrick surrounded by George combines the dollmaker's dream with her love for Curious George.

Entry #B19

Doll by Sandra Owusu-Ansah
from... Gaithersburg, Maryland

A touch of Spring and Summer

This is Karen. Karen is the first doll I have made with a face without help. The face design is from a give away pattern from Judi Ward. This face was used to practice coloring and shading. I am still struggling with drawing faces and developing various skin tones. I tea dyed the doll several times to get a medium brown skin color. Karen’s hair is made of fleece with an African design stamped on it. The stamped designed of the fleece produced the multicolor hair. The hair was sewn in as strips, cut, and stretched to make small curls.

I am still learning a lot about doll construction. Karen is a traced copy of a Bendi Doll. I traced the outline of the doll, stitched and stuffed the doll because I did not want the wire in the doll. I will use the Bendi for something else.

Karen’s dress has lots of lace. I wanted Karen to look like a touch of Spring and Summer all at the same time. I enjoyed the doll making process and look forwarded to learning and producing more dolls.

Entry #B20

Doll by Karen Pottle
from... England


I would like to introduce you to Spring, she is a baby flower fairy, so named because spring is the season for new growth and birth so it seemed to be an appropriate name for her.

Spring was made using the Dinky Baby 11" newborn baby pattern and is dressed in her best pink satin dress, lined with a pretty net so it stands out and has little net petals along the waist edge and like all flower fairies, she has flowers and petals all over her dress. Her bonnet and knickers are also done in the same pink satin and she has the little net petals round the ruffle of the bonnet, it ties with pretty pink glittery ribbon and has a little butterfly sitting on the front, her knickers have flower petals and a flower on the back. Her little pink satin shoes have a pretty flower and ladybug sitting on them. Like all flower fairies, Spring has little fairy wings that are made from pink glittery net with a pretty flower in the middle and a cute butterfly has settled on the top. Spring loves glitter so there is plenty around the edges for her, it adds to he r magic. Both the doll and clothes are all hand sewn.

This is the first soft sculpture doll I have ever made so am a complete beginner, I hope to go on and make more now though as this was so much fun to do.

Entry #B21

Doll by Linda Kiewicz (Annie Kay)
from...  Chicago, IL

Little Johnny

This is "Little Johnny" he is a Little babydoll, and he Does come from a pattern, Although I did not get the Designers name who created This little Cutie other wise I would have given the person the credit for the pattern.

Johnny is 18" tall and his arms & legs arm moveable. He is wearing a striped Tee shirt & and a Mint green Jumper, with straps. He has on a mint green beanie with a pale yellow Ball on the top. He has a pair of white ankle socks on and a pair of Saddle shoe in white & Brown all had made. I feel I am still a beginner and need to learn so much more before I can advance..I hope you enjoyed Little Johnny as much as I did making him!


2010 Cloth Baby Doll Challenge!

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Congratulations to Everyone!

All Beautiful Doll Babies!

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