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2010 Cloth Baby Doll Challenge!

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Congratulations to Everyone!

All Beautiful Doll Babies!

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~OO~ Intermediate Category ~OO~

Pictures of all Dolls can be found below the winners list.

The Winners Are...



1st Place - TIE

Doll by Roberta Favá
from...  Brazil


The Twins - Josie and Jase
Doll by Cindy Alldredge
from... Snohomish, WA



2nd Place

Doll by Abigail Vilchez Ortega
from... Costa Rica

3rd Place

Doll by Diane See
from... Cumberland, Md

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Entry #I-1

Doll by Jean Zuccari
from... Ocala, FL

Ceci Marie

The name of my baby is Ceci Marie, she is Afro-Mexican decent and she loves lambs. She is approximately 17 inches long. She has on her premie baby outfit and is holding her favorite lamb. Lamb Chop.

I made her from a Judi Ward pattern - Baby Bows. Her clothing was purchased and her hair is from a boa. Her lamb was also purchased.

Entry #I-2

Doll by Angela van Wayenburg
from... New Zealand


Little Lizzie is a Kiwi ! (New Zealander) living in her family home in the country. She loves sitting outside in the fresh air, watching the birds fly by, while giving Teddy a cuddle. Lizzie is made from a Brenda Brightmore baby pattern. I made her from calico fabric as I find this is the best for painting. She is painted with acrylic paints and water colour pencils. Her bonnet, dress and bootees are crocheted from my own design.

Entry #I-3

Doll by Toni May
from... Aptos, CA

Bitsy and Billy

Bitsy is a little baby and she loves her bear Boo. She's ready for bed in her blanketsack and cap, and she has a nice fresh diaper.

Bitsy and Boo want to get well rested so they'll have lots of energy to play tomorrow.

Bitsy has a twin sister Billy, and her bear is named Bobby. The twins were both made by Toni May (Simplicity pattern #2809. They are tiny girls, approximately 18" long.

Entry #I-4

Doll by Roberta Favá
from... Brazil


Bianca is a doll made of velvet fabric, has blond hair made of juta (a natural fiber), wears a suit of cotton printed with magenta flowers with white cotton embroidery embellishment. Enjoys playing with her doll felt (by me). To make the doll used the template (lower) - Thomas and friends - the book "Cloth Dolls by Brenda Brightmore with minor modifications. The arms and legs are articulated, its head is attached to the body and has no movement. The face was painted with acrylic paint and needlesculpture.
The doll measures approximately 28 cm.

Entry #I-5

Doll by Robin Bryan
from... St. Fulton, NY

Earrach Alain

This is my doll, Earrach Alainn, which means Beautiful Spring in Irish. She is a tweaked pattern from two Miss Martha's Originals, Another Ray of 'Sonshine' and 'Collette'. Her dress and pinafore are hand sewn as well as her tiny leather shoes.

Entry #I-6

Doll by Sandy Bushaw
from... Lyman, Washington 


I have made a baby doll from the pattern "All Are Precious" by Judi Ward, I did change the look a bit. She is made with velour and I used the fuzzy side.

Entry #I-7

Doll by Ann Young
from... Lakeport, CA

Looks Like A Sasha Baby

Looks Like A Sasha Baby
1979 Pattern by Judi Wolf (Ward)

About 13" high, made from tan buck suede with hand embroidered face and fur fabric hair.

One of my very favourite Judi Patterns.  Made a whole bunch of these over the years.  For my Daughters, Granddaughters and their friends.  In all Nationalities even my Mother in England had one, and knitted little bootee's for her.

Entry #I-8

Doll by Barbara Johnson
from... Greensboro, NC

Prissy Missy

She was crafted using Kezi's "Dear Ones" pattern. She stands 21" tall. She has a softly sculpted face. I used the basic dress pattern for size but added my own touches to make her dress more elaborate to reflect the Easter Season.

Her hands are also able to be bent as I did use wires internally so I could pose her the way I wanted. Her left hand is grasping a small stuffed is not stitched in place.She has a little attitude and I wanted her to hold this stuffed toy as a normal 11-12 month old child might.

I used mohair for her hair and crocheted a scalp covering of the same material so that I could add each strand individually to give her the slightly unkempt look of a small child. This I topped off with a little straw hat and shoes which were purchased. I will make this pattern again but I will add support in the legs and trunk the next time so that the doll might stand on its own without a

This was such a fun project to do.

Entry #I-9

Doll by Bev Schwedes
from... Australia

Charisma and Zoe

Being in Australia I was not sure weather to enter or not. But after I made up Judi's topsy turvy doll pattern, I was just so pleased with them I just had to show them off if nothing else. the pattern was beautiful to work with and the dolls look so real . I used craft velure for their skin, painted their faces with gel pens , and used knitting yarn for hair. Their clothes are made of cotton fabric. My Grand Daughter Lucy, took them to school for show and tell , and they did come home in one peice. All the girls in grade 1 wanted one.

Entry #I-10

Doll by Roberta Favá
from...  Brazil

People's Choice

1st Place - Intermediate


CECI is a girl born in the Brazilian Amazon region. She feels hot and so not like a lot of clothes.

It is very small, has only 28 cm tall. It was made of felt and has a head that rotates.

We used a simple pattern of a very old book. The pattern was customized for me, I put hands and feet with fingers and the head was needle sculpture, the hair is made of viscose with needle felting, eyes and mouth were painted. The cotton panties with flowers was also made by me.

Entry #I-11

Doll by Cynthia G Kandel
from... Gainesville, FL

Baby Buttercup

Although this doe suede body pattern is from Chris Sandham's "Bean Baby" pattern, the stuffing is a combination of polyfil and cotton. Doe suede was used fuzzy side up for texture. The head is from Miss Martha Holcombe's "Sonshine". Buttercup is about 13" long, and her face is hand embroidered with accents in Berol water color pencils.

Her face was sprayed with clear matte acrylic.
Buttercup likes to catch fireflies and butterflies among wildflowers, and she has been seen sipping morning dew with them!


Entry #I-12

Doll by Doris Herber
from... De Pere, WI

Newborn Dani

Dani’s a true Spring baby, born in May. He has a weighted head and body, loose joints, and weak neck giving him the flexibility and feel of a real newborn.

I designed patterns and hand sewed both Dani and his blue outfit. Dani’s sweater and hat were hand-knitted following a Hearts of Gold knit pattern and his facial expression captured with embroidery.

Dani is made of double-knit, cinnamon-tea-dyed fabric. His hair is crocheted Yarn Bee’s Haute Fur yarn. My daughter, Kris, made Dani’s quilt. Socks, bath towel, and appliqué were purchased.

Entry #I-13

Doll by Kay Schwerzler
from... Windsor, CA

Baby Curls

Baby Curls is my interpretation of what Shirley Temple would have looked like as a baby. She measures eight inches from head to toes and was made from wool blend felt. Her head is formed over paperclay and her wig was crocheted from a synthetic novelty yarn. She has simple button joints. I found the perfect vintage look fabric for her jumper and then knit a matching sweater. Her lamb was purchased. She is my own design.

Entry #I-14

Doll by Maureen Lamain
from... New Zealand


Hi! My name is Kathleen and I live in New Zealand. I'm a bit on the fat side because Mummy made me from single-knit fabric. My hair is fur fabric and I am made from a pattern designed by Brenda Brightmore. My clothes are hand-knitted.

Entry #I-15

Doll by Melody Korlinchak
from... New Holland, Pa


Hello my name is Emma, I am a Susan Fostnot Doll Pattern. I am made of cotton and have a completely painted body. This was my''Mother's'' first attempt at painting a complete face and it was a bit of a challenge. My dress, diaper and hat are tweaked fom Susan's pattern . My sweater was handmade also,(it is from a free preemie pattern found on the internet). Although it was a challenge, my Mother is hardly waiting to try another baby. I live in Pennsylvania, in the good old USA.

Entry #I-16

Doll by Estelle Katz
from... Canada


This doll is based on a Pattern From the Past called Marigold. She is 11 inches tall. Her name, Merry gave me some trouble. She for some reason reminds me of a raspberry, which is no name for a doll. Neither is berry, so she became Merry and I think she is a merry little girl.

Entry #I-17

Doll by Cindy Alldredge
from... Snohomish, WA

People's Choice

1st Place - Intermediate

The Twins - Josie and Jase

These twin baby dolls are just learning to walk outside and they don't like the grass on their toes. I made them to honor my husband and a good friend who are both undergoing treatment for cancer. They are learning to trust and move forward just like the baby dolls.

The dolls were made from Kezi's "Dear Ones" pattern with just a couple of slight modifications. They all have diapers made from diaper flannel. Josie is wearing a undershirt and Jase has on a onesie and so does their little Judi baby doll. I made all from a white t-shirt. I made Josie's jumper and Jase's overalls and embroidered their names. Josie's jumper was too short so she got a matching pair of shorts. Their baby doll is wearing a matching circle dress over her onesie. When I was 7 or 8 I had a little tiny doll and the first doll clothes I made were little circle dresses with 3 slits in the middle for neck and sleeves so I made one for this little doll.

Entry #I-18

Doll by Kay Schwerzler
from...Windsor, CA


Hansi is a seven inch wool felt blend baby of my own design. He has simple button joints for poseability and a face made by forming felt over paperclay. The sculpt for the paperclay mask is my own. His hair has been fashioned from wool roving. His little lamb was crocheted by me and I knit his three piece pramsuit. I created him to console myself when I coveted a similar doll that I couldn't afford and found that I really love the impressionistic look of the felt.

Entry #I-19

Doll by Estelle Katz
from... Canada


This doll is about 10" tall and is based on a Pattern from the past by Laura Wheeler printed in l948. Her name is Marigold and she really is a bright little girl.

Entry #I-20

Doll by Rose Boxer
from... Ocala, FL

Jimmy and Cricket

The Twins, Jimmy and Cricket were born in January 2010 in Ocala, Florida. They are approximately 16" in length and were one month premature. Fabric used was a craft velour, felt for eyes, gel pens for other facial features. Hair is from yarn and earrings are real. Clothing for both are preemies size outfits; including hat and head band.

After making Cricket felt she needed a sibling and along came her brother Jimmy. She is, of course, the eldest of the two Twins. Both dolls were fun to make and I couldn't just stop after doing one! Consider myself to be an Intermediate doll maker.

The Twins, Jimmy and Cricket are from the Judi Ward pattern called Baby Bows.

Entry #I-21

Doll by Marian Wolff
from... Paso Robles, CA


Hello, My name is Peaches and my grandma just made me a new outfit. Do you like it?  I am so happy with the color.  Grandma just put it on me and I am waiting for her to take my picture.  I have a good grandma.

I made this doll and outfit from a pattern by Judi Ward.  The shoes were made from Judi Ward's pattern also. She has a purchased wig on her head.

Entry #I-22

Doll by Ricki Beedell
from... Alberta, Canada


The doll is made from a pattern I have owned for over 25 years. “Tiny Tots” by Connie Ellsworth. I have resized it and made a few small changes. Faces are what I enjoy! My focus is with her face. She is painted with acrylic paint and highlighted with chalk. I needle sculpted around the eyes, mouth, and nose. Using needle felting, I made a pom-pom to give her nose dimension. I enjoyed making several outfits. The photos seem to bring her alive. While looking for ideas I found Sue Sizemore’s work “inspirational”. I so loved making “Annalee”

Entry #I-23

Dolls by Marilyn Vig
from... Rice Lake, WI


Her name is Teeki, made from a pattern in the Sept. issue of Soft Dolls and Anmials by Darlene Rausch.  She is made from black, poly-knit fabric and her dress bonnet, panties and booties are African print textured cotton using a pattern from an old book called The Doll Dressmaker by Venus A. Dodge.  The flowers are ribbon handmade and face is painted.  Her hair is Curly Doll Hair.  Bonnet is original design by me.  Shoe soles are ultra suede.

Entry #I-24

Dolls by Rita Baumgardner

Baby Jenna

I chose to use Judi Wards 6-9 month baby pattern. I had just gotten it and wanted to try it out. I had a little trouble finding the right cloth and ended up using a light weight knit that wasn't very good. It took me longer to make the doll so I bought her an outfit to wear. Her name is Baby Jenna since she reminded me of my daughter (difficult to work with ).

Entry #I-25

Doll by Carol Romero
from... Starks, La

Tiffany Baby Doll

I found this pattern at a flea market. I though it was great for this challange.Colud not find out the designer name, all it said was it was Tiffany Baby Doll and the pattern from the past by cloth doll

The pattern called for the face to be embroided, but I wanted it to be different, being I was not making it for a child. So I put eyes on it with eye leads and a button nose and a felt mouth. I also added ears. I changed the hair. I used a craft bond spray and sprayed it on putting a very light fine blonde hair.  Hair I had from when I did a new reborn baby. It is suppose to be like a new born hair. I put no clothes on her because I though she was pretty the way she was.

Entry #I-26

Doll by Marilyn Vig
from... Rice Lake, WI

Rebbecca Annie

Her name is Rebbecca Annie after my grandmother.  Body is knit-cream-poly with a painted face and purchased fake hair.  Her Christening dress and maker design bonnet, are a combination of white soft nylon and sparkle sheer with pink or gandy trim.  All ribbon flowers and bows are handmade.  Shoes and socks are purchased.  The panties are also white nylon.  The pattern is by Judi Ward - 6 Month Baby.

Entry #I-27

Doll by Marie Friday
from... France

"Grandpa's first little lady"

"Grandpa's first little lady"

This little girl is posing pretty for her Grandpa whom she has wrapped around her little finger. She is quite alert and already has a taste for the uncommon - her favourite plaything is a green teddy !

Made from the Pretty Baby pattern by Carolee Creations using doll-face pink craft velour for her head and body. Her facial features are oil painted and she has a mohair wig that I had to cut and thin out to make it look more natural. She is wearing a hand made pink cotton slip under a little dress of dotted swiss batiste, trimmed with venice lace, and a new-born size nappy. She is 20 inches tall and can wear newborn to 3 month baby clothes.

Entry #I-28

Doll by Mary Diaz


I would like to introduce you to 'Rhiannon' . She is Joey's big sister. In real time Rhi is already 9 years old. The pattern I used for Rhiannon is from Soft Dolls & Animals, Sept. 2009 Issue. It is called Bonnie and is by Darlene Rausch. She is made from a peachy/pink velour and her hair is 'alpaca' harvested by local breeders and is felted into her head. She has moveable joints and is approx. 18/19 inches long. Her little onesie was purchased at Kohls as was her little teddy bear. She loves her little baby brother and can't wait for him to get bigger so they can play together. 

Entry #I-29

Doll by Lisa Greenshields
from... Huntington Beach, CA


Meet Madison. Madison loves purple! She is wearing her favorite dress today to celebrate spring! Her handmade dress is covered in pretty little lavendar flowers and has a solid lavendar band around the bottom. It was made from a Simplicity pattern. She is also wearing cute little lacy socks and black and white saddle shoes. Madison loves to wear ribbons in her hair and today she has a pretty little lavendar ribbon.

Madison is based on the Little Anthony pattern from Dinky Baby. I made her body a little bigger and used a different head. Her body is made from baby doll pink craft velour and her little wig is brown craft fur. Her face is hand embroidered with brown eyes and light eyelashes and eyebrows. She is a little cutie that has stole my heart!

Entry #I-30

Doll by Caroline LEBAZ
from... France


Her name is FANNY, she is a french baby doll, and loves looking all the world around her ! She loves have her little Teddy Bear in her arms, and playing with it.

To do Fanny, at first, I wanted to take a model of Judi Ward, but finally, I made my own pattern. I made the Teddy Bear and the slippers, but the dress is a very old one, found in an antique dealer. The arms, legs as well as the head, have armatures to be able to move in all the directions.

Entry #I-31

Doll by Theresa AKA Grammie Taylor
from... York Springs, PA

"Little Pixie"

This little pixie is a doll made on a adapted version of Judi Ward's “All Are Precious” pattern. She is 16 inches long and features hand sculpting on her face, arms, hands, and legs. She also features button jointing at her shoulders and hips. She has dark brown ringlet curls that have a wind blown look. She is wearing a handmade dress and bonnet in a soft yellow print. She already has a home with her great grandma (my grandma) who is deeply in love with this little angel.

Entry #I-32

Doll by Mary Diaz


I would like to introduce you to Joey. My daughter recently had a baby boy. He is now 8 weeks old. What better way to commemorate than making my own Joey!

I dug deep to find this pattern. It was purchased in 1990 from Carolee Creations. It was called "Pretty Baby" and is 19" long. The pattern was Copyrighted in 1987 by Carolee Creations.

He is made from a peachy/pink velour that I've had around for the past 15 years. I used 'fake fur' for his hair. His joints are moveable. The onesie he is wearing was purchased at K-Mart. His socks were as well and as you can see he is trying his best to pull one off. I added eyelids to my version of the pattern trying to imitate the puffy eyes of the newborn. Joey has a lopsided grin with a dimple. Too adorable.

Entry #I-33

Doll by Diane See
from... Cumberland, Md

People's Choice

3rd Place - Intermediate


I would like to introduce Matty.  She was made by mixing several different patterns and some of my own design.  Her little dress was purchased.  Her shoes have little white bows and her socks have pink ruffles.  She loves snuggling with her well worn teddy.

Her face has been needle sculpted and also painted with acrylic paints.Also I have needle sculpted and blushed her little body, knees, elbows, belly button and bottom.  Her hair is a wig thats been attached to her head.  She is about 20" tall......

Entry #I-34

Doll by Linda Whitley
from... Quitman, Ar


This is Bahiti meaning "fortune" Her mother is a Nubian Princess and her Father is a Celtic Warrior.   She is 3 months old and wears a size 3-6 month dress. She wears an antique heart necklace that her mother gave her.

She is my design. She hopes to bring fortune to the home where she resides.

Entry #I-35

Doll by Theresa AKA Grammie Taylor
from... York Springs, PA

"Little Farmer"

This little farmer is sure to be the lite of his farmer daddy's eye. He is 19 inches long and made of 100% cotton muslin. He has jointed shoulders and hips. He has an open mouth so he can eat from a baby spoon, use a regular pacifier and bottle. He can wear new born off the rack clothes, although his over alls and hat were specially made just for him. His blue eyes are painted as are his eyelashes and eye brows. He was created using an original pattern.

Entry #I-36

Doll by Kathryn Bock
from... Bahamas


Meet Annabelle she is enjoying a beautiful Spring day in the flower garden.Annabelle is made from Judi Ward's Dahnia pattern.

She is fully jointed and is made of chamois colored craft velour.Her face is sculpted and painted. The outfit that she is wearing is made by me, and is from the outfit pattern that comes with the Dahnia pattern.

Entry #I-37

Doll by Nancy Button
from... Midlothian, Il

Baby Anne

This is my Baby Anne. She is from a Kezi pattern. I drew her face using color pencils, gellyroll pens and sakura markers.  She has a purchased wig and booties.  Her dress is smocked and she is showing her lacy panties in the one picture. I had a great time making her. She is so sweet! 

Entry #I-38

Doll by Abigail Vilchez Ortega
from... Costa Rica

People's Choice

2nd Place - Intermediate


I introduce my "Peque", this doll is inspired by my nephew.

Used a combination of patterns and techniques, the clothing I designed myself.


2010 Cloth Baby Doll Challenge!

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Congratulations to Everyone!

All Beautiful Doll Babies!

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