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The 9th Annual Cloth Baby Doll Challenge!

2017 Cloth Baby Doll & Animal Doll Challenge!!!

Sponsored by The Doll NetCloth Doll Connection, Judi's Dolls, Dollmaker's Journey,
, Sandra Blake Designs, and Cloth Doll Market!

What's New This Year!

New #1) New Voting Method

This year 50% of the votes will be based on online voting by other dollmakers and 50% will be by a panel of professional doll designers!

The Panel of Judges

Judi Ward
Judi's Dolls
Professional designer, teacher and 9 year sponsor!

Sherry Goshon
Inner Child Creations
Professional designer with endless creativity!

Victoria DiPietro
Professional designer and previous winner of this challenge - 1st and 2nd place in the advanced category 2009!

New #2) Big, Big Prize

This year we are giving away a pair of Original Dolls (signed and dated) by Kezi Matthews. These are the prototype dolls for her popular "Bly and Colton" pattern. These are the originals and are in mint condition! Since both dolls belong together we will pick one random winner from the total group of dollmakers entered in both challenges.

Kezi's Bly & Colton - Click HERE!

Important... Anyone who enters either challenge has a chance to win these dolls! The winner is based on a Random drawing!

New #3) Adopt a Newbie!

We have seen a drop in beginner dollmakers entering over the last few years and we also know that Google searches for "cloth dolls" are far below what they were 10 to 15 years ago. So to help turn things around we have added the "Adopt A Newbie" option.

How does this works?

A dollmakers finds and adopts a newbie and you both join the challenge. A newbie is someone that would fit into the beginners category. This could be your husband, wife, mother, father, child, friend or anyone else that is new to cloth doll making.

To sweeten the pot, Dollmaker's Journey will donate a $10 gift certificate to both the newbie and the adopting dollmaker. To qualify you must both signup and each of you complete and enter a doll in one of the challenges.

Join in and help ensure cloth dollmaking lives on for future generations and "Adopt a Newbie!"

Note: You may still join the challenge as an individual. Adopting a newbie is optional.

Cloth Doll Patterns, Cloth Dolls, Dollmaking, and More!

"Cloth Doll Challenge Series"

Challenge 1 and 2 -
Cloth Baby Doll and Animal Doll Challenge
Starts March 1st 2017

Challenge 3
Steampunk Dolls! - Coming May 2017

Challenge 4
TBA - Summer 2017

Challenge 5
TBA - Fall 2017

Need A Pattern/Help For the Challenge?

Find it online at...

Free Pictorial on Making a Baby Doll
by Judi Ward
Let's Make a Baby Doll

Patterns from our
Sponsor for the 9th Year!

March 2017 Sale

20%  Off Patterns in their
Children/Babies and Raggedys Categories

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Also check out all
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Our Sponsor for the 9th Year!

 Cloth Doll Pattern, Class and More Website!

Baby Doll Patterns by Judi Ward, Kezi Matthews, Sandra Blake and Colette Wolff!
Click HERE!

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Baby Doll Patterns OnSale - Click HERE!
Four Stages of Infancy by Judi Ward
Click HERE!

Baby Dolls Kezi Style!

Bly & Colton
Kezi's Bly & Colton - Click HERE!
Click HERE!

Baby Anne  - Kezi Matthews Original Cloth Doll Pattern
Baby Anne
Click HERE!

The Oregon RagBabies
The Oregon RagBabies
20% Off - Click HERE!

Babies/Children Patterns at
Dollmaker's Journey!

Bare Baby
By Judi Ward
Click HERE!


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***  NEED IDEAS ***

Take a Look at Dolls From the Last 8 Years!

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Join us for the
9th Annual Cloth Baby Doll Challenge

No matter what type of cloth dolls you enjoy making or if you are a quilter or do other sewing/craft projects it is always fun to go back to the basics and make a Baby Doll! Everyone likes babies and baby dolls!

** Add on Challenge for 2017 **
Animal Doll Challenge!

So come join in the fun and win some prizes!

To Join the challenge...

Send an Email to
saying "I am Joining the Challenge!"
Include your name,
which challenge (baby, animal or both) and
your skill level.

If you are taking part in the "Adopt a Newbie" Option let us know. For Info see #3 under What's New to the left.

Doll Due Date Is April 30, 2017

Below is the information on the challenges.

2017 Theme: Open... Any theme you desire!

Challenge 1... Baby Doll!  Baby Doll is defined as any age pre-toddler (usually <12 months old.)

Challenge 2... Animal Doll!  Any real-life animal you wish. It can be a baby or full grown animal. A bear, fish, bird, or any other animal.

Categories: Each challenge will be split into 3 skill level categories...

Beginner... A Beginner has made one or a few (6 or less) cloth dolls, and has many techniques to master. Has not sold dolls, but does give them as gifts.

Intermediate... An Intermediate dollmaker has many more skills under their belt, needs work in perhaps a few areas, an has possibly sold  a few dolls. Often gives dolls as gifts.

Advanced... An Advanced dollmaker has made many cloth dolls, perhaps sells many and also usually designs (amateur or professional). Almost all skills that they need are mastered, and any new skills are easy to master.

Special Note on Categories: 

The Beginners level should be just that.. a beginner dollmaker. This is a level where beginning dollmakers have a chance to push themselves and show off their newly found creative skills. If you are a beginner "Designer" you should be in a higher level category. Beginners have not sold any dolls.

The Intermediate level will be the largest group and also the most diverse group. 

And the Advanced level is for the advanced dollmaker and/or designer!  It is a great challenge and honor to enter your doll in this category. 

The People's Choice - Based on Online Voting will be awarded for the top choice in each of the skill Categories in both the Baby and Animal Doll Challenge!

Grand Prize for Baby Doll and Animal Doll Challenges

Based on a random drawing from all the entries (both challenges combined) there will one lucky dollmaker this year who wins a unbelievable prize....

Anyone Entering a Baby Doll or
an Animal Doll Can Win!

"Bly and Colton"

Bly & Colton are 18" Twins!  They are the original prototype dolls for the classic pattern with the same name and are part of the Oregon RagBabies(TM) family. 

Both Dolls are Original Designs and are Made by Kezi! They are also Signed and Dated By Kezi!   They are in mint condition!

For More Pictures and Information on These Original Dolls Go To the Cloth Doll Market - Click HERE!


*** Note...  You may enter up to 4 dolls.  2 in the Baby Challenge and 2 in the Animal Challenge!

Challenge 1... Make a Baby Doll!  Baby Doll is defined as any age pre-toddler (usually <12 months old.)


Challenge 2... Make a Real-Life Animal Doll!  Animal Doll is defined any age animal and must be a real-life animal, not mermaids and other fantasy creatures.

2017 Theme: Open... Any theme you desire!

General Rules for Both Challenges

The doll may be from a pattern or made from your own original design. Also the Doll must be made for this challenge and never entered in any other competition.  Do not post the doll anywhere online until the challenge is over.  The voting is based on anonymous entries.

Important Note... If your doll is an original, please indicate this in the description.  If it is from a pattern, whether "tweaked" or not, list the designer's name and pattern name as well.

The doll may have supporting accessories either made or purchased (i.e. toys, stuffed animal, etc.) Please indicate in your description if the accessories are made or purchased.

A maximum of 2 entries per dollmaker is allowed in each Challenge.  So you may enter 4 dolls... 2 Baby Dolls and 2 Animal Dolls.


Send a short note indicating you are going to enter and your skill level along with your e-mail address to us letting us know you will be making a doll. E-Mail entry information to This way we can contact you with any updates. Next, make your doll/dolls! Have fun and be as creative as you wish!

DUE Date Is April 30, 2017:

On or before April 30th participants need to send to  the following:

1) 3 photos of their entry.
NOTE: Please take the best photos possible and include 3 different pictures...  Ideas for pictures...  Front Shot, Side Shot, Back Shot, Close-up of Face, Close up of other feature, etc. Please remember... the photos are what everyone votes on so make sure they are clear and representative of the doll and anything special on the doll.

2) Your Doll's Name (May include a 4 or 5 word sub-title if needed to emphasize your theme)

3) Description
This should be a description of the actual doll which includes the designer's name (yourself or designer of pattern), anything special you did in making the doll, info on clothing (home made or from pattern or purchased) and similar information about any supporting items.

4) A Short Story
This may include a short story, quote, history or anything you feel will help define or explain your entry.

***  Important NOTE...  The Description and Short Story must be a combined 200 words or less.  You may split the words between the description and story whichever way you wish. You may double check your word count by using the online program we use to verify the number of words - Click HERE.

5) Also include the Dollmaker's Full Name and Address (e-mail and snail mail - these WILL NOT be posted on the web) as well as the Category (Skill Level) you feel they belong. Include a short statement as why you feel you belong in the specific skill category. (Please note that the sponsors have final decision as to which skill level a dollmaker belongs.)

SEND #1 - #5 to on or before April 30th!

Challenge FAQs

- Doll may be any size!

- This is the first challenge for the Doll.  The doll must not have been entered in any other challenge or competition and must be made for this challenge.

- Doll may be an Original Design or from a pattern (with credit given to designer)

- Clothes can be made or purchased (must note in description)

- Molded Fabric faces OK

- Doll Net is a family friendly site so doll must have private parts covered/clothed.

- Armature OK

- Entries form Non-USA Countries Welcome

- Deadline is April 30, 2017

- Doll must be made for this challenge and never entered in another challenge or contest.

- Contact and Entry e-mail is...

The Entered Pictures will be posted on the web several days after the closing date without the dollmakers name for a short time period. During this time visitors will be able to vote for their favorite doll in each category. The judges will also be voting at this time.

Winners will be announced several days after voting is concluded.  Time is need to count votes and update webpages.

To join the challenge please send a short note and your skill level along with your e-mail address to This way we can contact you with any updates.


To Join the challenge...
Send an Email to
saying "I am Joining the Challenge!"
Include your name,
which challenge (baby, animal or both) and
your skill level.
If you are taking part in the "Adopt a Newbie" Option let us know. For Info see #3 under What's New to the left.


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