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2009 Cloth Baby Doll Challenge!

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Baby Dolls




Human Doll Section
~OO~ ~OO~ Beginner Category ~OO~ ~OO~

Pictures of all Dolls can be found below the winners list.

The Winners Are...

1st Place
from... ITALY

2nd Place

Doll by Sherry P. Johnston
from... Pulaski, TN

3rd Place

Doll by Maria del Valle Olivera
from... Alicante, Spain

Entry #B1

Doll by Deb DeCaluwe
from... Jackson, WI


I made this doll from the patterns of "Foster Children" by Elf Designs back in the 1980's & 1990's. She was made for a play we had at Summer Sunday School last year, she even has a brother.

She is jointed in both arms & legs, and is all hand-sculpted - down to the belly button. She has a tear in her eye from missing her family, but, she does have her lion fabric to hold, to keep her memories from her past.

Entry #B2

Doll by Diane Sahakian
from... Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


I have named The doll I made Lynnette and she insisted that I buy all her clothes, I had to take her to pick them out and she likes them so I had to dress her in what she wanted. So we had to go to many stores before she decided on what she wanted and had to make sure I liked everything too. We went into a store that had toys for her to play with and guess what, she saw this blue teddy bear and absolutely had to have it. I wanted to leave but she was having this temper tantrum as babies do so I got her the blue teddy bear. She told me blue was her favorite color so we weren't going to leave without him. She has been doing everything with him and named him Bindy and is taking good care of him.

Made from Baby Anne pattern by Kezi Mattnews.


Entry #B3

from... ITALY

People's Choice

1st Place - Beginner


I made her form a Judi Ward baby pattern, I used doe suede, she have
sculpted features and hand painted facial details. I made her hair with
pigtails from faux fur fabric. I chooese a vintage satin dress, a 30's hand
embroidered jacket and vintage leather real baby shoes. I love to dress my babies in vintage, I love to think about real babies that had this dresses before me!!! I made her little dolly from Kathi Clarke "Dear Little Dolies" pattern featured on SDA- May 2009, I made her from muslin, I sewn the dress and added a little trim I found on a old sewing box from my grand mother. I painted her face as her hairs.
I love both :-)......

Special Mention by Voters.  Why...

She is cute and sweet.

Very cute and very well made. I would love to see more of the dolls you create.


Entry #B4

Doll by Ana Hernandez-Van der Veen
from... Netherlands


Faith is the second cloth doll I have made!

Entry #B5

Doll by J. Helene Wells
from... Louisville, Ky


"A new baby is like the beginning of all things, hope, a dream of possibilities." - Anon.

I designed and made Polly out of some old curtains (her body). Then I clothed her in a baby onesie from our old boxes of baby clothes in the basement. I also put my own baby socks on her feet. Although I am not too good at embroidery and hardly ever do it, I embroidered her eyes and her pink cheeks. Even though I didn't plan for her to have baby fat, her tummy actually makes her look like a baby!

Entry #B6

Doll by Doreen LeDrew
from... Ontario Canada


I have not made any Cloth Baby Dolls, so this has need a real challenge. Lucy is a 24 inch soft doll with hair from a wig, her face, I hand painted on. She is wearing her pajamas ready for bed. I'm sure once the grandchildren come along she will be loved..

Entry #B7

Doll by Zina Cate
from... Niota, TN


She is a painted cloth doll that I made from a Sue Sizemore pattern named Baby Fawn. I have renamed her "Joyous". I had nothing but pure joy in making this doll. From beginning to end, had a lot of fun making her. This was my first attempt at making a painted doll with painted 3-D type face, and was pleased with the result. I used black tibetan wool for hair. Her clothing, dress, bloomers, hat, and shoes were designed and made by myself. Her teddy bear and pinwheel were purchased.

Special Mention by Voters.  Why...

Best Dressed !

She is AMAZING! I love the color of her clothing, as well.


Entry #B8

Doll by Deborah Almond
from... Walnut, KS


Emily is from the pattern "PRESHUS" by Martha Holcomb. The clothes are homemade. A friend of mine named her and we both agreed the name was appropriate and that yellow is her color. She was a lot of fun to make and will probably be a gift to my grand daughters. 


Entry #B9

Doll by Beverly Simon
from... New York, NY

(Grandma's little Pumpkinhead)

Melanie was created for my Mum, in anticipation of her being a grandmother.

She is from Judi Ward's 6-9 month pattern, and is wearing a purchased outfit that will eventually be worn by my own daughter. Her features were embroidered to be a mix of Asian and European heritage.
She is holding a stuffed tiger, bought during a first date with my now-husband at a trip to the Bronx Zoo.

Special Mention by Voters.  Why...

She is so alive

I liked the story behing the doll

Is the sweetest little doll. Her expression is priceless. I remember being pregnant with my second child and wanting to hold my baby in my arms. I found a cloth doll that won my heart. This doll brings back those memories for me. I love that Melanie was made for her "grandma" who is anxiously awaiting new baby's arrival like I waited for my new baby's arrival.


Entry #B10

Doll by Phyllis Chism
from... White Bear Lake, MN

Baby Jesus

Baby Jesus was created using Laurie Wagner's Baby Mannequin pattern. I enlarged the pattern so that Baby Jesus would fit on his Manger. The Manger was in my stash (originally found at a thrift store) waiting for Baby Jesus to be made. His hair is made of yarn, which I needle felted. His diaper and bedding were hand made.

Entry #B11

Doll by Linda Alsbury
from... Winters, California

Bailey Shayne

This baby doll was given as a gift for an expectant mommy whose baby girl is named Bailey Shayne.

This is the third cloth doll I have made. I realized that the only other cloth dolls I had made were in the 70's!! Ack! I am really dating myself. In the eighties I experimented with making bread dough dolls. I think I made three bread dough dolls. My daughter still has her doll.

Bailey is made from a drastically tweaked vintage doll pattern I purchased through ebay. It just wasn't "right". I would still like to tweak the pattern even more, but later when I have more time.

Special Mention by Voters.  Why...

She is very darling and I love the embroidery for her face. She is so cute and well done.

She is darling!

The dollmaker captured the sweet innocent look of a small baby while using very simple embroidery and minimal sculpting. I love the plain style hands and feet too, very charming. This is a baby doll I'd love to own!


Entry #B12

Doll by Deborah Almond
from... Walnut, KS


Celeste is a darling little 15 inch baby created from Martha Holcomb's pattern "A Little Sonshine" and she has some body glittler sparkling on her to help her match her name. The dress and panties are handmade and the little hearts make both her and outfit precious. I think I am in the beginner stage of doll making.

Entry #B13

Doll by Sherry P. Johnston
from... Pulaski, TN

People's Choice

2nd Place - Beginner


"Pinky" is my human version of "Jewell" pattern by Shelley Hawkey

Pinky's mother loves pink. She has dressed her in a handmade linen romper trimmed in lace with hand stitched flowers. Pinky is sporting a store bought wrist rattler. Pinkey's eyes are handpainted polymer clay eyes. Under her left eye she has a heart shaped birthmark which adds to her sweetness. Her golden curls are felted in hair extensions. She is always reaching for you to cuddle. Her soft skin is bucksuede.

Special Mention by Voters.  Why...

She is beautifully done.  I can't believe this is truly a beginner doll maker though.  She looks more advanced. Excellent doll making talent if she is really a beginner. 

She is great for a beginner doll maker

She is so sweet.

I think the doll is very original and funny

I think it is very well done, a lot of different applications, especially for a beginner dollmaker.

I have not seen a cloth doll with the is type if painted eye. The doll has great whimsey and appeal.

Not only is it cute and different, it looks to be well-crafted for a beginner. I actually think it's cuter than the pattern doll!

She made me smile!

I was really taken by the unique features, eyes, and expertise of this doll, in the beginner category. She is very special, and I think she should get a special award. Quite an amazing accomplishment! And it made me want to buy the pattern someday!

Pinky is so adorable that she is more than animal and just as cute as she can be. Her eyes are so cute and I would like to learn the polymer clay method for the eyes.


Entry #B14

Doll by Deborah Almond
from... Walnut, KS


Patrick is a baby doll that you just want to pick up and hug. He was created from a pattern entitled "Flannel Baby" by Stitch and Stuff. Patrick is made of peach colored flannel and is wearing a nightgown that is non-removable, a night cap and carries his own "blanky" while he sucks his thumb.

Entry #B15

Doll by Linda Kiewicz
from... Chicago, IL


This is Balaylee, Pronounced like this "Bah-lay-lee" She is 18" tall in her cozy Flannel two piece P.J.'S. Her hair is sewn in by each strand of Black Yarn with her little white bows. Along with her is her Blankie and her Teddy Bear. BoBa, .She is ready for nap time.....Balaylee is all hand made So is Her Bear BoBa, and her Blankie...I didn't use a pattern for any of the items I just drew them on the cloth cut them out and sewed them and stuffed them...Made the outfit and also made the blanket with fleece and lace and little alphabets on top of Blankie....I hope you enjoy Balaylee as much as I enjoyed making her...

Entry #B16

from... Bizkaia, Spain

a soft sculped hand-made doll

Pattern ( 079-Alexa Rose ) Designer (Original Dinky baby dolls by Vicki Riley )

Fabric: Craft Velour by Guilford Mills 100% Trevira Polyester 60 inches wide, Lt. Pink

Jointed doll using shank buttons with a fur wig with a magnetic pacifier
Hand-made clothes: wears little vintage felt baby shoes tied up with matching ribbons and a vintage embroidered (Buttonhole stitch by hand) jacket and hat to mach and with a felt diaper.

Special Mention by Voters.  Why...

Beautiful doll, shows the maker has real potential.

Nice clothes.


Entry #B17

Doll by Christine Quigley
from... Monterey, MA


This is my third doll. I call her Bernadette. She is made from the Sue Sizemore "Baby Rose and Baby Lilly" pattern. She is made from brown fabric, her face is painted and her nose slightly needle-sculpted. Her arms and legs are painted, and her fingers and toes are also needle-sculpted. Her fingernails and toenails are painted on. Her hair is natural dark brown wool, needle felted on. Her dress is a vintage-look fabric, and she has muslin bloomers. Her teddy bear is purchased. She is approximately 20" tall.

Entry #B18

Doll by Sandra Owusu-Ansah
from... Gaithersburg, Maryland

Dejneba – the first born!

Hello, my name is DEJNEBA KEITA,
(Dje- (pronounced as Day); neba).

I was born April 19, 2009 and I am the first generation of my parents to be born in the United States. My mom and dad are both from West Africa. My dad is actually from Cote’ Ivorie’, known as the Ivory Coast and my mom is from a country called Mali. Both my parents are American citizens and are professionals working for the World Bank.

I am wearing an outfit my aunt gave my mom for me to have my picture taken. My necklace represents West African Wisdom the Adinkra Symbol - FA-WO-HO-DIE

Fawohodie - means independence, freedom , and emancipation .
Literal translation - Independence comes with its responsibilities

The necklace is a reproduction of the Fawohodie symbol, made of paper. There are ten layers glued together with a silver chain attached to it. My doll is an Akua’ba doll. My aunt Sandra gave me the doll to show respect of our African tradition. The doll is one of many items presented to my parents after my arrival.

The Akua’ba doll has a little flat disk shaped head. The doll figure is usually carried by girls and young women, often tucked in the back of their skirts like a baby. My doll was not tucked away under my clothes. My aunt Sandra made the doll out of cloth. The doll is a stylized doll made out of hand dyed muslin. It was shaped like the Akua’ba doll as a jester. My aunt Sandra made the doll out of cloth because I am too young to play with the actual wood doll.

Doll Description:
This doll is an enlarged elongated version of the “Mini Baby Mannequin,” by Laurie S. Wagner, made without the ears. The entire body is made of a stretchy spandex cotton material. The weave is just right for doll making. I am new at making soft clothe dolls. I wanted an easy body to use for creativity. This doll form was fun to make and has inspired me to make more.

Special Mention by Voters.  Why...

The cultural heritage depiction of the doll and the excellent description with African languages.

The simplicity of the doll allows her to hold her story in a special manner.


Entry #B19

from... Bizkaia, Spain

a soft sculped hand-made doll

Pattern (022_tommer ) Designer (Original Dinky baby dolls by Vicki Riley )

Fabric: Craft Velour by Guilford Mills 100% Trevira Polyester 60 inches wide, Lt. Pink

Hand-made clothes: little felt footed P.J.s and hat ,and a felt diaper

Entry #B20

Doll by Patricia Smith
from... La mesa Ca

Little Jesse Boring

Jesse Boring, named after my great -grandfather. I took the Beginner's class with Vikie Riley and this is my doll I made in class. I used the craft velour and embroidery floss. I knitted the sweater and hat, the jeans are made from a recycled pair of jeans.

Special Mention by Voters.  Why...

He melted my heart and I know my little grandkids would go crazy for him.


Entry #B21

Doll by Maria del Valle Olivera
from... Alicante, Spain

People's Choice

3rd Place - Beginner


The name of my baby is : Caroline, because I have a dear friend who has shown me this wonderful world of cloth dolls and her name is Caroline!

The pattern that I use is "Baby Anne" by Kezi Matthews and I read all that I have from Judi Ward, specially from Bleuette and her picturetrail. This is my first time with joints and Soft sculpture (Wow! Has cost me to do, I was afraid!!)

The clothes: I did from my designs including her underwear. The dress is woven with crochet and the lace with circular needle. It has seams at the shoulders and under the sleeves. The shoes match the same design. The butterfly is just an ornament that I bought.The fabric that I used by to make the doll is: Craft Velour-Doll Face Pink

The painting: acrylics. The wig is from mohair wool , is also the first wig I do. I think making a doll is a challenge and brings into play many things, but above all, sense of play!! LOL!

All the best, for everyone!!


Entry #B22

from... Bizkaia, Spain

a soft sculped hand-made doll

Pattern (070_summer ) Designer (Original Dinky baby dolls by Vicki Riley )

Fabric: Craft Velour by Guilford Mills 100% Trevira Polyester 60 inches wide, Lt. Pink

Detailed eyes and add yarn hair pigtails and braids.

Hand-made clothes: wears a felt diaper, and a two pieces outfit.

Entry #B23

Doll by Elizabeth Beglin
from... Western Australia

Waiting For My Shoes

"Mummy is taking me to visit Nanna, I have my coat and favourite toy, but where are my shoes?"

  • Baby Anne pattern by Kezi Matthews - pimatex cotton and mohair
  • Clothes patterns by Brenda Brightmore - cotton romper, fleece coat
  • Bunni Wabbit pattern by Jaqui Uetz - fleece
  • Purchased socks
  • Face - watercolour pencils

I am relatively new to dollmaking, this is the first time I have attempted separate fingers. There are plenty of mistakes, thank goodness for clothes! I love the hair the best. It looks and feels like baby hair and even has thin patches just like baby!

Entry #B24

Doll by Barbara Brown
from... Utah


Her name is Lizzy and she is a 7 inch cloth doll made from a Mary Huber pattern that I have in the Doll Reader Vol III book. I enter as a beginner because I've never done needle sculpting or face painting or armatures in dolls.

This was a challenging doll to make because of her size. She is made from a 100 percent cotton ribbing, fun fur crochet yarn, and very light weight white cotton. The intricate sewing on the little dress and other clothing was interesting because the designer must have been a perfectionist.

I loved the challenge of making this small doll, and look forward to more challenges. Thanks.

Entry #B25

Doll by Deb DeCaluwe
from... Jackson, WI

Fat Kid

This is my Fat Kid doll. My husband did a drawing of a "The Fat Kid" idea for a clothing line. Since I made the doll, he also did start the company -

The pattern I used was one by "Foster Children" by Elf Designs - from the 1980's & 1990's with jointed arms. I've made a couple of these dolls, and have given them as gifts to relatives. Some of the dolls have wigs, as does this one. I would have liked to make an outfit, but, this one seemed to fit the idea of the "Fat Kid".


2009 Cloth Baby Doll Challenge!

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