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The 12th Annual Doll Challenge!

2020 Cloth Baby Doll & Seasoned Citizen Doll Challenge!!!

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Baby Dolls

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Entry # Baby-A-1

Uma's baby

I call her Uma's baby. I am making her to give a young woman I know that just had a daughter. Uma is from Turkey.

The doll is made from the Simplicity pattern 2809 but her hair is constructed from a square of partial wool felt. I sewed all the pieces down individually. I thought it would be safer than glue.

Her outfits are from the pattern too. Her socks were purchased from Target.

Entry # Baby-A-2


I would like to introduce you to Toby.

One of his most favorite things to do is go out fishing with his daddy and this morning he caught himself a nice size fish that he couldn't wait to show to the rest of the family.

Toby is approx. 22" tall, made from an original pattern designed by me. He is made from Windsor Comfort fabric and is fully jointed and sculpted. Toby's facial features are done using a combination of chalk, colored pencils, and paint. The diaper, shirt, overalls, and hat that he is wearing are my own original cloth doll clothing designs, while the sneakers are from a Cobbler's Bench pattern.

Entry # Baby-A-3


This is 'Ronny'. He is almost two years old. His Mommy has been working on potty training with him and he's feeling pretty confident in his 'big boy' underpants.

Mommy was SO PROUD that she let him pick out a brand new pair of shoes. But then she took a picture of him in his underwear and it was really embarrassing!


Ronny is 14" high with jointed legs and armature in his hands. He is weighted to feel more real.

His skin is soft-sculpted with Doe Suede fabric. His body, clothes and shoes were all created by me for this challenge.

Entry # Baby-A-4

Baby Sinobuhle
Means "we have beauty" in South Africa.

Welcome Baby Sinobuhle Precious from South Africa, also known as the Rainbow Nation for our cultural diversity and 11 official languages.

The lion cub is a symbol of our Big 5 of the animal kingdom. I have beaded the South African flag in a heart on her onesie. Her skirt and hair bow are made from traditional shweshwe fabric.

Baby Sinobuhle and her clothing are my own design and I have made the doll, her clothing, shoes and toy. Her hair is made from curled oven baked yarn stitched to her head. Her features are needle sculpted, eyes and mouth are hand painted and limbs are jointed.

Her cardigan is a Cindy Rice pattern and the lion cub is made from a Gypsycream knitting pattern.

I hope you like Sinobuhle as much as I enjoyed making her.

Entry # Baby-A-5


This is my my little baby doll Anna-Sofia. She is my own design, based on Darlene Rausch's pattern.

She is 16 inches tall. She is made from polyester knit and soft sculpted. Anna-Sofia has a jointed head. Her head can be turned: The other side of the head is awake baby and the other side of head is asleep baby.

I sewed for her an apron-dress and a bonnet from white and blue satin fabric, which are the colors of our flag (Finland). White as snow and blue as the sky and lakes.

I have machine embroidered to her dress lilies of the valley, which are our national flowers. The legs and the arms of the Anna-Sofia doll are sewn into her body. She can sit with support. Her eyes and lips are painted with acrylic paints, the eyelashes and eyebrows are hand embroidered. Shoes and toys are store bought. She has also a magnetic pacifier.

Entry # Baby-A-6


I would like to introduce you to my little girl Isabella. She is really excited and all dressed up to participate with her friends at this year's Junior Junkanoo parade.

Isabella is approx. 22" made from an original pattern designed by me. She is made from Windsor Ponte and is fully jointed and sculpted. Isabella's facial features are done with a combination of colored pencils, paint, and chalk.

Her dress, hat, and panties are all of my original cloth doll clothing designs.

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# Baby-A-7

Entry # Baby-A-8


This is my baby doll  Marja-Lena.  She is about 17 inches tall and made by Darlene Rausch's pattern with some modifications. She is made from polyester knit and soft sculpted. 

Marja- Lena baby is wearing a national costume, which I sewed for  her. She is going to go to a midsummer party and she has a bouquet of white anemones in her hand.  

The Marja-Lena doll has plastic joints in her arms and legs. She can sit without support.  Her facial features are painted with acrylic paints, her eyelashes and eyebrows are hand embroidered.  Her shoes and toys are store bought.


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