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The 12th Annual Doll Challenge!

2020 Cloth Baby Doll & Seasoned Citizen Doll Challenge!!!

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Baby Dolls

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Entry # Baby-I-1


This is Skye from Scotland. I used a pattern from Sandy Eding and resized it. I changed the face, made bigger embroider eyes with an open mouth for a pacifier.

Everything is handstitched on this doll. Her arms and legs are jointed to move and pose. Her head is jointed too, to turn. She is weighted to feel real like. The dress was made from a McCalls pattern for babies dresses, it was hand stitched, used a red tartan fabric. The headband was my creation to match the dress. she is about 22 inches long.

My family immigrated from Scotland and changed the spelling when came to America. We still celebrate of heritage and food.

Entry # Baby-I-2

The centurion at… school

I chosen the centurion because it is representative of my city, Rome.

The centurion is a pattern by Brenda Brightmore. It has been made by cotton fabric. I make the eyes with cotton fabric too and water colors and then I glue them on the face.

I modified both the original pattern of clothes and shoes for my necessity.


Entry # Baby-I-3

Kevin Boyd

This is Kevin Boyd, he is six months old and is representing his region of the United States; California. He loves his dog Josie, and his stuffed bear, Beans. He loves applesauce.

He is made from the Prince William pattern, designed by Judi's Dolls. I modified the pattern so his arms and legs are not jointed, but they have full range of motion. He is anatomically correct.

He is made from a stretchy, nylon material, stuffed with Polyester fiber fill, and crafting sand, to make him weighted. He weighs 7 pounds.

His hair is made from a polyester fur.  I painted his face on with an acrylic paint, and a sharpie pen. I made his finger and toe nails with a craft glue.

His outfit is store bought, and was worn by my son in the mid 1980's, when he was 3 months old. We were living in California at that time.

I made the flag blanket, but the dog, the bear, and all other props, were store bought. He is sitting in an antique, baby high chair.

Entry # Baby-I-4


Is a 4 months old japanese baby girl! Her body was designed by me from my own sketches.

She has no felted skills, her features have only needle sculpting skills! ! She is 18" tall and weighted for a realistic feel! She can change her lovely vintage gown and shoes easily! She has also a magnetic dummy. Her wig was created by me as well!

Her hair can be brushed gently as well! Isn't she adorable? I do love creating Asian babies! She wears a baby dress, diapers, socks and red shoes that were bought!

Entry # Baby-I-5


Liam is from from Scotland.

I used a Carollee Creation pattern, baby sister, but I resized it and made the eye different, a lil bigger. It has an open mouth so you can use a pacifier. I handstitched the doll. His arms and legs are sewn into the body. I brought an infant sweater set from a Scottish store selling on Etsy. I made the sash myself with green tartan fabric. I weighted the doll to feel real like. He is about 22 inches long.

I celebrate my Scottish heritage from where my family immigrated. I have been making off and on for some years, but this last year I have concentrated on details after last year's contest

Entry # Baby-I-6

Caleb Sailor

Meet Caleb Sailor! He is the third baby doll I have made. He is of my own design and pattern. He is completely sewn by hand. No sewing machine used!

Caleb Sailor's face, body and limbs are completely soft-sculpted. I used some makeup blush to add color to his cheeks. I inserted a little, red heart inside his body. This was my first time including ears on one of my baby dolls. I think that it gives him a cute, but realistic look.

Caleb Sailor's body and clothing were made from fabric that I upcycled from clothing that I had. His clothes were also designed and hand sewn, but without using a pattern. The props were purchased.

Short Story:

Caleb Sailor is an all American boy! He loves the Stars and Stripes. Even the aplique on his shirt sports the colors of his country's flag: red, white, and blue.

Entry # Baby-I-7


Sleeper Baby girl Lori is so tiny! Only 16 inches and only 2 lbs! She is less than a month old!

Lori was created and designed by me!

She has weighted for a realistic feel, with Poly-fill, glass beads and mini stones, she is super soft and cuddly. Her facial features are needle sculpted. I also painted her toe nails and finger nails. Her clothes are newborn size. I have sewn a wig on her head. She is sculpted from head to toes.
Her face was completely painted by hand!

Clothing: The pink jumpsuit, size 0-3 month, was purchased.
Lori's curly hair was applied strand by strand by me!

Entry # Baby-I-8

English Baby

My entry is an English baby with a painted face, using a Kezi pattern.

Entry # Baby-I-9

Amber Rose

This is Amber Rose and she is celebrating her first birthday.

She loves wearing her party dress and getting presents. Her favorite presents are her "Boyd's Bear" and her wool dress that she got from her Grandma.

Her Bear and Dress represent her Scandinavian Heritage. She is proud of her Heritage and proud to be an American Citizen.

She loves sitting in her antique high chair, eating her cake and drinking her milk.

Amber Rose is made from a modified Prince William pattern, created by Judi's Dolls and made from WindsorComfort (100% polyester/knit) doll skin fabric. Her hair is a polyester fur.

Her face is drawn on with different colored sharpie markers and fabric paint. Her finger and toe nails, were made with craft glue. I sculpted her face, arms, legs, fingers, and toes. Her arms and legs have full range of motion. She is stuffed with poly-fiber fill, and craft sand and weighs 8 pounds.

Her dresses, her bear, and all other props are store bought.

Entry # Baby-I-10

Gertie's Rainy Afternoon

Gertie's Rainy Afternoon

Gertrude (Gertie) is a rambunctious 4-year old and, bored on a dreary afternoon, decided to raid Nana's closet and play dress-up! Gertie is attired in Nana's faux fur-trimmed leopard coat, summery pastel dress, white opera gloves, feathery boa, coordinating hat/pumps, and oodles of jewelry.

Gertie was constructed on a wire frame and is 27" tall; her face was needle-sculpted, eyes and lips are painted and accented with pastel pencils and chalk. Her hair is acrylic yarn, dampened, and baked in a warm oven to give it permanent curls. I had limited supplies due to the pandemic and used empty cereal boxes(!) as the base for her shoes and purse. Her hat is made from stiff interfacing and her dolly ("Mrs. Madison") is a simple rag doll with red yarn hair and a cotton dress. Gertie, her shoes, purse, and Mrs. Madison are affixed to a pine board covered with fabric. All items were created/sewn by me - I also made all the patterns.

I hope you enjoy Gertie as much as I had bringing her to life!

PS - That's a bandage on her right knee from a boo-boo earlier that day.


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