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The 12th Annual Doll Challenge!

2020 Cloth Baby Doll & Seasoned Citizen Doll Challenge!!!

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Seasoned Citizen Dolls

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Entry # Seasoned-I-1

Evelyn - Senior Prom Queen

Evelyn is 12", made of deer suede with arms articulated by chenille stems, has crocheted hair, a pink lace dress lined in satin, a corsage and a crocheted golden crown, all handmade. Her flowered boots were purchased. Pattern: "Denise" by Jill Maas.

Evelyn heard there was a senior prom at the local high school and thought it was for people her age. She put on her dancing boots and her best dress and went to the dance. Evelyn had so much fun dancing and meeting everyone. One young man even gave her a corsage. She was voted prom queen because she was the life of the party.

Entry # Seasoned-I-2

Grand mère dressed for the party

Grand mère is a pattern by Suzette Glastonbury Rugolo It has been made by cotton fabric and I make the eyes using fimo and then I painted them.
I mould the head using the needles sculping and stuffing.

It is my first "old lady" and I enjoyed to do it!

Entry # Seasoned-I-3

Plague Doctor

Living these modern times of pandemic, I have taken up the mythical figure of the doctor of centuries ago, whose dark presence was enough to frighten the hearts of the sick. The figure is approximately 40 cm high.

Being a medical doctor, I have tried to represent in this figure my current feeling of worry and anxiety by means of a figure that remembers that adversity does not matter, we always get ahead.

Entry # Seasoned-I-4

The Chief

When making this doll, Sharon Mitchell’s “Marie Antoinette Bust” was the inspiration for using a bust. The patterns used were Sheryl D’ATH’s “Sam the Man”, and Susan Barmore’s painting on Muslin technique.

Materials used were muslin for the body, doe suede for the face, a recycled suede jacket and fringe for the shirt. His hair is made with yarn hand-sewn to his head, brushed, and styled. Accessories used include small strung clay beads around his neck and shells that act as buttons on the shirt. The totem candlestick, used as the bust base, is a thrift store find. I wanted to make a full Indian Chief headdress, but I found making one was beyond my capabilities. So, my poor guy had to settle for two feathers (similar to Chief Joseph) wrapped with leather, threaded with a button, and sewn to his hair.

I have a smidge of Kiowa blood flowing through my veins, so I wanted to make an Indian Chief. My character doesn’t really have a name or a full backstory, and he isn’t famous in any way. I call him “The Chief” and he sits with pride atop his totem watching as the sun sets in the horizon.

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# Seasoned-I-5

Entry # Seasoned-I-6


My name is Divoc, as you see I had to get the essential supplies, but had a small cart and left things for others, I'm just a kind thoughtful gal, you know us seniors, so very special.

Hope you like me. Hahaha you know we never tell our age, lol.

Entry # Seasoned-I-7

The Silversmith

When making this doll, I used techniques and patterns from several artists. Sharon Mitchell's "Marie Antoinette Bust" was my main inspiration. I also used her "Old Friends" pattern (shirt piece). Other patterns used were Jorge Fernandez's, "How to Make Cloth Doll Head Smiling and Singing" (face), Susan Barmore's painting on Muslin technique (coloring), Sheryl D'ATH's "Sam the Man" (felted mustache and eyebrows), and Bonnie B. Lewis and Mary Ann Kaahanui's cd "Heavenly Hats".

Materials used were Muslin for the doll's skin, broad cloth for the shirt, and a stretch material for his hat. His hair is strands of yarn hand-sewn to his head then brushed and styled. Accessories used include a candlestick, beads, buttons, and bits of foil. I took apart a silver earring to design a Bolo (Western tie) for him. All of these accessories come from a treasure trove of recyclables and goodies from thrift stores.

My character is named "The Silversmith". I created this doll in memory of my father who loved two things in life- his family and making jewelry (a craft he accomplished quite well). I'll always remember my father for his smile and the hand-crafted Bolos he made and always wore.

Entry # Seasoned-I-8

Mr  and Mrs Farmer's 

This is Mr  and Mrs Farmer's.
I made up my own pattern. 

Entry # Seasoned-I-9


His name is Willie.

Made from a Jill Mass design.

Entry # Seasoned-I-10

Eoghain O'Hagain of Ireland

Inspired, by my father's mother Marie Hagan and her parents John and Anna Hagan of Baltimore, I decided to create a 17" doll that showed whimsy, advanced age and Scot-Irish heritage. The O'Hagain (Hagan) clan resided in County Donegal and County Tyrone Ireland and some migrated to Scotland, Australia and the USA.

The pattern "Father of the Bride" by Jill Maas was used as well as vintage fabrics and trims. Another challenge was when I made the body and his suit from repurposed very old men's clothing and his hair is from a repurposed old faux fur vest. I discovered the items were fragile and had to be gentle with them. I also made the mushroom but used newer fabrics for it. The boots, pocket watch, trumpet, pipe and eyeglasses were purchased. I can almost see my Gran doing a wee bit of step dance with the fairies to say thanks for remembering her.


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