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The 12th Annual Doll Challenge!

2020 Cloth Baby Doll & Seasoned Citizen Doll Challenge!!!

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Seasoned Citizen Dolls

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Entry # Seasoned-A-1

Auntie Eunice

Auntie Eunice is adapted from a design by Valerie Garber, "My Fairy
Godmother". She has reached that tender age of retirement and has decided
that she wants to live her very best retirement life.

She has outfitted herself with workout clothes, that includes her body suit,
leggings and sneakers. Because exercise is not her first go to thing, she's
decided that slow and steady is best. One of her investments is a pair of
ankle weights, the lightest ones to start with. She carries with her, her
much needed bottle of water, she's been told that's an absolute necessity.

While she hasn't actually figured out where to go and sign up, there is
always that change of heart moment, and in preparation for that, she also
carries a bottle of wine. That will come in handy to either boost her
confidence, or celebrate the fact that she will make the right decision not
to do this. She cannot after all, be without her jewelry and such.

Her clothing is all stretch fabrics except her silk scarf. Her sneakers are
purchased as are the bottles. Extra embellishments include beads and paper

Entry # Seasoned-A-2

Pamela Finds Her Colours

Pamela Finds Her Colours (maybe too many!)

Pamela's body is made from Mary Tressler's Mad Marion. Her clothes are all my design. She was inspired from Pinterest pictures of "Advanced Fashion".

Although I think Pamela may be a little excessive!

Entry # Seasoned-A-3

The Pappy Doll

This is a Jill Maas Design, the Father of the Bride doll. I named mine the Pappy doll... I needle felted the hair on his head and his mustache and eyebrows. He stands about 16 1/2 '' tall.

His clothing is all made from my husband's clothing and his mask is made from CNH fabric. He worked there for 41 plus years when he retired. After a long day he used to like to have a cold Coors light and sometimes scratch off a few lottery tickets. I made the bottle from quickwood and reduced the labels and added them to it and also made him some scratch off tickets. His chair was purchased.

Entry # Seasoned-A-4

Mr. Edwards

This doll is adapted from a class with Michele Munzone from years ago,
called Mr. Fennyman. Mr. Edwards is a stylish elderly gentleman, never
actually stating his real age, who enjoys walking through trails in a nearby
park. He has a special place for sitting when he needs a rest, to enjoy the
sounds of nature and smell the fresh air before heading back home.

He carries with him his walking stick which was specially made for him to
co-ordinate with his favourite outfit. He is never out without being dressed
very fashionably and is known in his neighbourhood for that very reason.
His philosophy is that no matter your age, you should always look your best
and be the best version of yourself.

His costume is made from a selection of wool for the pants and coat, his
neck and cuffs adorned with lace. He wears a leather hat that matches his
same colour leather shoes. I made these shoes for him. The base is wooded
and covered with the same fabric used in body. While you can't see them, he
also has some wooly socks to keep warm. The walking stick is wrapped with
black jute.

Entry # Seasoned-A-5

I Think He Is Done

I made him from Jane Coughlan's Beach Bloke. He is reduced to 65% of the original sized pattern. The drawing in the background is mine. Drawing is not my forte.

I washed him with red watercolors several times to give him a sunburned look. His head and chest hair are needle felted. His sunglasses are plastic colored with a green sharpie, coated with 2 layers of glossy mod podge and cut out.

It is a different look at seasoned :) "smile" I hope he makes you laugh.

Entry # Seasoned-A-6


This is Faun.

Although her fairy queen mother dresses her like the princess she is supposed to be, Faun's joy is dancing thru the woods. She soon forgets her mother's words in the beauty of the deep, shady forest full of new friends to make, and wonderful things to see.

She often returns home ragged and dirty, but never fails to bring her mother a flower.

As arthritis continues to stiffen my fingers, I decided my days of making fairies and elves was over, until I spotted Jill Maas's beautiful fairy, Donatella, which is the pattern I used for this doll. She is self-standing, and each wired finger bends. Her frog friend and her clothes are all handmade.
As so often happens with cloth dolls, a personality evolves that is nothing like the original picture on the pattern. No matter how much I wanted my doll to be exactly like Jill's, I had to face it: I could see a tomboy emerging.


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